Self portrait! On Castle Megastore.
Self portrait! On Castle Megastore. Jasmyne Keimig

One artist who has been pretty ubiquitous around the Capitol Hill neighborhood is Kalee Choiniere, whose murals grace a long stretch of windows on Urban Outfitters, several panels outside of the Baltic Room, and the two placements I'm highlighting today. I've been following her work since her show at the 101 back in November, and I think her style does well on a larger, urban scale. A welcome bright spot in the perennially muted, gray color scheme of the city.

While I relate heavily to the dreamy optimism of "I can't wait to dance with you"—the tension of the sun saying this to the moon!— and "i'll see you soon...better than it's ever been," what I was most drawn to in these murals was Choiniere's use of black. It doesn't weigh down or darken the piece, but rather provides a negative space for the more vibrant lavenders and yellows and pinks to contrast themselves against. It's as if her paintings are hallucinations against a pitch-black sky. Like the buildings the murals decorate stretch infinitely inward, devoid of tables, chairs, and sexy lingerie. A joy to walk past.

You can check out more of Choiniere's work here.

Just a few paces down the sidewalk from Castle Megastore on Quinns.
Just a few paces down the sidewalk from Castle Megastore on Quinn's. JK