Henry Ford. Hitler just loved this guy.
Henry Ford. Hitler just loved this guy. Photo by Keystone/Getty Images

Republicans mocked Democrats for pivoting to a virtual convention... but now it looks like the GOP is preparing to scale back its own convention, currently scheduled for August in Charlotte, N.C.

From the New York Times:

[B]ehind the scenes, Republicans are looking at possible contingency plans, including limiting the number of people who descend on Charlotte to only delegates, and making alternate delegates stay home, according to interviews with a half-dozen Republicans close to the planning.

Mr. Trump, who was heavily involved in the staging of his last nominating convention, has even shown a new openness to participating in a scaled-down event. He has mused aloud to several aides about why the convention can’t simply be held in a hotel ballroom in Florida, given all of the health concerns and the fact that Florida is further along in reopening portions of the state.

The City of Seattle put together a Positive Vibes website where you can search uplifting stories celebrating Seattleites supporting each other and find ways to "connect, give, participate, and lead." It's called Seattle Together. We assume the city's been busy creating this website and reminding Seattle how #WeGotThis, which is why they're so hard to get ahold of.

ICYMI: Washington state has lost "hundreds of millions" to an unemployment fraud scheme that is causing delays.

Today Trump toured a Ford plant in Ypsilanti, Michigan (that's where my grandma lives; hi, grandma!) and praised historically anti-Semitic Henry Ford for having "good bloodlines." The second tweet in this thread:

That atrocious dog-whistling obviously kicked off immediate backlash. The Guardian noted this passage from a 1998 Washington Post report:

"I regard Henry Ford as my inspiration," Hitler told a Detroit News reporter two years before becoming the German chancellor in 1933, explaining why he kept a life-size portrait of the American automaker next to his desk.

In lesser news, Trump didn't wear a mask while touring the plant. But he says he wore one off-camera. “I had one on before,” he told reporters. “I didn’t want to give the press the pleasure of seeing it.”

The Fyre Festival fervor may have burned out a long time ago, but the lawsuits flames on. Kendall Jenner has agreed to pay $90,000 in a settlement regarding her paid promotion of Fyre Festival. The lawsuit alleges she made $275,000 to post about the scam.

Amazon is expected to delay its Prime Day until September, in case you were looking forward to it for some reason. Last year, Prime Day earned Amazon an estimated $7 billion.

Big update in the Ahmaud Arbery case: The man who filmed the video of the fatal shooting of Arbery has been arrested. William "Roddie" Bryan Jr is charged with felony murder and criminal attempt to commit false imprisonment. More from NPR:

The other two men in the video, Gregory and Travis McMichael, were arrested two days after the video became public, once the GBI took over the case. They were both charged with murder and aggravated assault.

Even as supporters of Arbery's family celebrated those arrests, they called for Bryan to be arrested as well, alleging he was involved in the Feb. 23 fatal shooting. Bryan and his attorney, Kevin Gough, have appeared on television recently and denied any involvement or even any relationship with the McMichaels.

Lick the knobs? The CDC now says coronavirus “does not spread easily” through touching surfaces or objects. You should still be hygienic, freaks. Don't lick knobs.

Fuel Coffee is becoming part of Ada's family of books and cafes: I love a local merger.

Tension spikes in Hong Kong: China is looking to establish new security laws over Hong Kong. There were little-to-no details but the announcement signaled China would take stronger action and interventions against pro-democracy protestors. "Even if the new security laws do not necessarily lead to the closure of newspapers or broadcasters that offend Beijing, chilling effects like self-censorship or reluctance to speak out may be likely," writes the Times.

An estimated 36,000 lives would have been saved if the United States had begun social distancing one week earlier in March.

I'll say it again: You should check in on Orlando Weekly's blog, Bloggytown, a few times a week just for the prime Florida content, like this video showing four grown men fighting with paint at a Florida Home Depot.