Jess Stein
"Automation Is Coming For You"

Lovely. Jasmyne Keimig
Just so you all are aware, if you weren't already, that automation is coming for us all. I do not look forward to the day that my job is replaced by an AI bot that generates memes or poetry.

"Thank You. I've Been Screened: TUESDAY"
Spotted in Eastlake.
Spotted in Eastlake. JK
A little birdie told me that these stickers—which have been popping up everywhere—come from local hospitals like Seattle Cancer Care Alliance and Fred Hutchinson, given to patients passing through their doors.

"Trust No One"
Not pro-gun, but very pro-trusting-people-when-theyve-earned-it.
Not pro-gun, but very pro-trusting-people-when-they've-earned-it. JK
A portrait of my heart!

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"Persona Non Grata"
I think I spotted this one on E John Street.
I think I spotted this one on E John Street. JK
Snapped this one as a reminder to myself to look up this phrase because I always forget what it means. From Merriam-Webster: "a person who is unacceptable or unwelcome." I just learned Claire Danes is considered a persona non grata in the Philippines for calling Manila a "ghastly and weird city."

Spotted right on 15th Ave.
Spotted right on 15th Ave. JK
This looks like a branded sticker, but I Googled the image and text (both forwards and backwards) but couldn't find anything. Looks cool.

"Kurt Russell"
Pretty sure this is Big Trouble in Little China-era Kurt Russell, but using this as an excuse to post a clip from one of my favorite movies that also happens to star the actor as a misogynistic psychopath.