Last Call is one of Re-bars final events livestreamed from their Howell Street space.
Last Call is one of Re-bar's final events livestreamed from their Howell Street space. Kelly O
Earlier this month, I spoke to Dane Wilson, co-owner of Re-bar, who confirmed that the beloved performance venue and nightclub will permanently close their Denny Triangle location due to costs stemming from the pandemic shutdown. Although Wilson said he plans to relocate Re-Bar in South Seattle sometime in 2021, the move is a heartbreaking decision that will certainly reverberate through the queer, music, and drag communities for years to come. In spite of the shutdown, the club had been livestreaming DJ sets for some of their most popular dance nights, like Flammable and DnB, to keep up with the regulars and viewers across the world. But even that has to come to an end.

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On Saturday, Re-Bar will be hosting Last Call, an opportunity for patrons to say one final goodbye to the venue As We Know It. Four Re-bar regular DJs—Morgan J, Nick Cressman, Alfonso Tan, and Robbie Nielsen—will be playing 4/4 all night long starting at 8pm. While this isn't the very, very last livestreamed event—Wilson says they will continue to do Flammable and DnB until final livestream from the venue on June 16 (ETA 5/29: Re-bar plans to continue livestreaming Flammable, DnB, Collide-o-Scope, and other one off events through the transition, just not in the physical space). This stream will provide space for those to say goodbye and dance their faces off from the comfort of their own living rooms. Get more information here and I'll see you on Zoom.

If you can't make it, I'd recommend you listen to KEXP's DJ Sharlese Metcalf and DJ Riz Rollins talk about Re-Bar's history and importance in the city on Sound & Vision.