Slog PM: Seattle's Curfew Rescinded, Mayor Durkan Booed Off City Hall Steps, City Caves on Consent Decree



"Republicans have made it clear
that they won't let coronavirus concerns
hinder their convention." Finally, some Good News.

What shall we do with their enormous Cash $tashes
left behind when they all go marching off to Heaven?
Burn it? Buy Freedom for those billions ruint by Reptilican
policies Planet wide? Enjoy a Planet without people dead-
set on destroying it?

I'm thinking we need to Honor the Reptilicans'
Great Sacrifice -- give them their own Memorial Day
only have be on the tail end of a 360-day weekend, for once.



"There is another aspect of Donald Trump's popularity among his followers. There is something terribly reassuring to a certain type of person that one can be stupid and lazy and so openly unpleasant and still become president of the United States. By comparison Barack Obama had to be a saint. He had to be perfect, Harvard-educated and wise. But Trump's white supporters hated him intensely. Trump restores a certain type of faith in white supremacy for his supporters because someone as stupid and bad and lazy and evil as Trump can become president of the United States. Trump's supporters now know that the worst of them can still be president. That must be terribly reassuring.

Donald Trump's narcissism and other mental pathologies exactly match the collective pathology of white nationalists. Trump is a natural-born white supremacist because in any other context he is an idiot and a psychopath." /snip!


Love the idea of this format given the rapidly evolving news, but can you make it more clear where the latest content is showing up and when the last update was posted? My preference is new is at the top of the page so that if you refresh / come back to the page, you know there's something new to read.


Damn, going live!?!


RE: Aiding and abetting murder

Any armchair lawyers out there know how sentencing typically goes down for those found guilty of aiding and abetting? I know the potential sentence is that they essentially are supposed to be treated exactly the same as the person who personally committed the murder... so if 30 to life for the murderer, then 30 to life for the others. But is that how it usually goes down? Or do those convicted of aiding and abetting sometimes get more lenient sentences?


I'm going to tell you the sad truth. Even with only a 2nd degree murder charge and 3 aiding and abetting in murder charges, it's very very hard to get a jury conviction.

I've been on juries where we didn't convict people who we believed may have been guilty, but didn't meet the requirements to be found guilty, and juries where what we thought was the case turned out, years later, due to evidence not shown to us (probably due to lawyers), not to be the case.

It's a start. But if the primary charge serves more than 5 years, I'll be surprised.



At the late President Lyndon B. Johnson once said: "If you can convince the lowest white man he's better than the best colored man, he won't notice you're picking his pocket. Hell, give him somebody to look down on, and he'll empty his pockets for you." The current occupant of the WH has perfected this into an art (of the steal) form.


When they make the movie about the events of the past few weeks, I think they need to cast Woody Harrelson as Derek Chauvin.


Protesters, please stop thinking you're the center of the universe. When 1-5 gets shut down, people could die not getting to hospitals not to mention hundreds of medical cancellations.


@14 do you show as much concern for rush hour traffic or construction work that could cause people to die from not getting to the hospital?

I'd imagine emergency vehicles are exempt from the closure and if not there are alternate routes into the city.


"The victim being high on fentanyl and meth at the time of his death might be a problem."

@12 - why do you assume those cops were sober at the time? Feckin gobshite.


Consent decree suspension withdrawn!

Now be specific with the cops - either their total budget gets cut to 50 percent OR they stop using military tactics against civilians from Seattle.

No negotiation.


@17 technically emergency vehicles - and most city county port state federal vehicles - are exempt from all traffic regulations. That's what the XMT on the license plate means.


@20 To aid in stopping militaristic tactics it would be nice to see all of their post 9/11 military cosplay toys being taken away. We set the stage for this long ago with fear-based knee-jerk reactions. Of course that was another period in our history where the gun humpers supposedly so worried about tyranny were oddly silent.


"An outrageous act of prosecutorial misconduct."

@5 the officers will get their day in court instead of being choked to death in the street. Due process and all that. .

But I'm sure they'll get off like the cops always do (they feared for their lives etc.) so you can claim the "win."


"who do I call when my 9 year old gets shot"

ambulance. why are you a parent.


@24 - Well if you want your shot daughter to live I'm guessing you'd call for Fire/EMS.



You're not armed? You don't return fire? What sort of Commie-Pinko libtard are you, anyway? Also, according to all the experts who've chimed in here recently, the fact that you would even take your 9 year old into a well-known hot-zone of lawless anarchy automatically paints you as a bad parent. Expect one of them to be making a call to CPS on your child's behalf any moment now.


They mayor did not get boo'd off, Chase. She finished her speech and there was some boos, and some applause.


We can definitely defund the police. I mean, there are so many freedom loving good guys with guns, and armed tough guy neck beard protectors around, who needs cops?


will the mayor cry again?


Oh look here's some of that voter fraud Trump has been warning us about:


Police will withhold service for any reason. Don't want to take their campaign contributions? Say goodbye to your 911 privileges. Don't like police brutality? There's your taxes not working for society. When did they stop protecting and serving? When we told them their idea of P&S is not our idea of P&S? If they made N. Oliver the chief of police, would it stop the insanity? Because it seems like most mayors are too busy to babysit every cop.


@36 you're a pretty easily triggered snowflake huh?


The men who fetishize the police are so tedious. There's all sorts of porn for that, just google it.


Revolution for the Hell of It, by Abbie Hoffman.



Bu - but, it's so CONFUSING! Should he be the gruff, toppy authoritarian decked out cap-à-pie with the latest high-tech body armor? Or should he don the garb of the meek, ineffectual, bottomy protester adorned in artificially distressed torn denim jeans, medium-blue-bandana-in-the-right-pocket, "pleather" motorcycle jacket, and Lenin cap?

Which will it be?



You sound scared, Rorschy. Maybe you should go hide in a bunker and cry yourself to sleep, like our POTUS does.


43 calm down queen


@21 That is incorrect. XMT on the license plates signifies that the vehicles are exempt from annual licensing. The vehicles are required to obey all traffic laws except when responding to an emergency and even then they must still exercise “due care.”


Points for using peloton in a description of the protest.


@39: No-one is fetishizing the police. But some of us have the moral clarity to respect them.



@50 Cops don't deserve respect just because they are cops. And "moral clarity" is conservative claptrap.,the%20politics%20of%20Ronald%20Reagan.


Anyone know anything about the plane circling over Seattle? Assume it's some kind of surveillance. Obnoxious as hell.



"Cops don't deserve respect just because they are cops"

Once again xina, you make a fool out of yourself. You have a lot of great points and I admire your passion, but you end up destroying your credibility over and over and over again.


Nobody wants this:

NYPD: 1 Officer Stabbed In Neck, 2 Others Shot In Brooklyn; All Expected To Survive



Well, if anyone here would know about destroying their credibility over and over again - oh, wait. You never had any to begin with...


Yes, we should respect cops JUST BECAUSE they are cops.

I respect anyone who dedicates their life to serving the community. A cop, an EMT, a firefighter, a teacher, a doctor.
I respect the training and expense cops go though to become cops.
I respect the cop that saves a woman from domestic violence.
I respect the cop who tends to an automobile accident.
I respect the cop who keeps the peace and protects property during protesting.
I respect the cop who empathizes and respects the protesters and their right to free speech.
But I don't respect the cops that murdered George Floyd as they abused that respect.

If we don't inherently respect each other, and first look to good in people rather than the bad, then we will never make any progress and all these protests will be in vain.


@58 A difference of opinion neither makes me a fool or destroys my credibility. Cops do not deserve respect JUST because they are cops. There are plenty of bad cops and they walk around expecting respect because they wear a uniform. They believe they can do anything they want, including murdering people with no justification.

Authoritarian regimes expect mindless fealty to law enforcement.

Here, cops work for the people, are, in fact, paid by the people, and are to be held accountable to and by the people. Look where we are! Look what is happening nationwide (and across the world in solidarity) due to police brutality and murder of unarmed citizens!

Respect is earned. As is trust. And they both involve reciprocity.

How cops are responding to nationwide protests about police brutality is not earning them respect or trust.

{True, there are some who are listening to the voices of the people, who are walking with them, who are taking a knee, who are choosing to acknowledge the anger and the pain and recognizing that cops need to do better.}

They are not the majority, however. The majority are doubling down on the brutality - running people over with their vehicles, assaulting them, using pepper spray and tear gas and rubber bullets, etc. - and making the problem much worse. Those cops don't deserve respect. Cops who kill don't deserve respect (especially as cops have shown time and time again that they know how to behave, how not to kill, how to treat people with decency and dignity - because they do it every time they bring in a white man - even one that has committed a mass murder - alive an without incident).

There are cops who lie, who are corrupt, who are violent, who believe they are above the law, who pervert the law, who obstruct justice, etc. etc. etc. Not one of those cops deserves any respect.

People in this country have a right to protest, to criticize the government and the police. They are under no obligation to respect anyone, no matter who they are, and certainly not just because they are a cop.

And let me be clear (as I expect you to twist my words), I am not talking about showing basic human decency to another human being, giving them the benefit of the doubt before making any judgement, Though even that is something already affected by bias as a cop has power over others and murder weapons on their person before any interaction of any kind takes place.

I am talking about the true meaning of respect - a feeling of deep admiration for someone or something elicited by their abilities, qualities, or achievements (which is why respect is EARNED).

Cops do not deserve respect JUST because they are cops.

Here's a good take by another on why they can't get any respect:


Consent decree, bad timing.

Regardless of Seattle's performance under this decree, this is just not the time to ask to be let out from under scrutiny. Not when departments across the country are likely to be put under a similar microscope. Let it ride until all parties are satisfied that fixes have taken hold and we've got a couple of good report cards.

In reality, Seattle is operating under double secret probation. Even when the official decree 'expires', we will be watched. Internal processes will be scrutinized and incidents quietly investigated by the feds. And not just Seattle, but neighboring city police departments as well (can't have Seattle shipping their bad apples off to the suburbs). The days of Bull Connor telling Washington DC to get its nose out of local affairs are long gone. And that will be true across the nation. So just sit back, live with the scrutiny and be happy that we've got a head start on cleaning up our act compared to the rest of the country.


"Cops don't deserve respect just because they are cops" @bitchin' rainy, quoting xina,

Obviously, they do NOT.
Respect, you EARN:
You Give it
You Get it.

Does trumpfy get Respect just 'cause he's (a Fake) prez?
No need for any answer.

"Once again xina, you make a fool out of yourself."
@rainy, projecting again.

Oh, and all that 'Moral Clarity' you claim to possess?
@rainy, projecting -- yet again.


@12 @14 @16 Racists like you are why we have these protests.


And, ten posts show up as I post mine....


57 yours is the only mention because you’re completely full of shit


"ten police officers have been murdered in the line of duty dealing with the past weeks' riots. "

The rocks come with the farm, Opey dear. They'll have their little bagpipe parades and processions, and get their names on some plaque.

But don't forget that the reason they are dead is because four of their own decided it was OK to kill a civilian.


1 retired police chief was killed while defending a friend’s store from looters at 2:30 in the morning but these drama queens want you to think our streets are teeming with violent insurrectionists tearing cops apart limb from limb because reality does not match their fantasy of rampant lawlessness that only a fascist police state can save us from


@71: What, there's some divine entity that's doing revenge killing? Are you in some religious sect now?

No, they were murdered and their lives cut short leaving grieving families and fatherless children behind.

Just like George Floyd


73, They don’t exist, at least not the 10 cops who were supposedly killed in the past week. If that happened we would not hear the end of it, instead we are taking about overwhelmingly peaceful protests that are occasionally disrupted by displays of excessive police force, because that is what is happening.


@74: So noted. But there has been at least one I think.


Yes, a retired officer responding to a break-in at his friend’s shop was killed late at night, not at a protest. Still tragic


Raindrop dear, what I am saying is that the cops started it.