I just showed the King County and King County Health tweets to all the Fremont restaurants in my precinct. Going to be fun!

Not getting a haircut until the rush dies down.

Wash your hands with soap and water, keep 6 foot physical distancing, and wear masks.


We already have R > 1, so what measures are we adding to counter the loss from this?

They should be doing everything possible outside or mandating effective ventilation to remove aerosols.


So a previous $40+tip ($50ish) haircut will now be $50+highertip ($70ish)?

That's a substantial increase, will push more customers to stick with home cuts.


Meanwhile: nearly 16,000 new cases and over 700 new deaths in what the last 12 hours? Or 24? Why anyone would go get their hair cut or go dine-in at a restaurant anytime before new cases and deaths stop in this country is beyond me.


Are the thrift stores open?


@3 Nope. They'll be at capacity as soon as the doors open. People are more than willing to pay. Believe me, I'm surprised too, but my wife is a hair stylist and I see it first hand.


@7 Fuck off ignorant Trump Nazi!


@7: "To be legal he would need to get legislature approval and even then it could be challanged in court."

Time to take this case to the Wisconsin State Supreme Court!


@7 I'm reporting you to Comrade Inslee for dissent. Hopefully someone from The Party will be by to disappear you soon.


@11 no, we canceled the STEM classes instead.



Sigh. I could post the RCWs, but here watch a short video instead:

I'm beginning to see you're incapable of accepting it, but you're wrong.


Personally, I'm just thankful to see a comment from Biker McBike Face. His absence from today's AM thread, where his whining about authoritarian totalitarianism has been as reliable as the sunrise had me a bit concerned for his well being. I was thinking his outspokenness may have landed in one of Governor Inslee's gulags.


Oh shit... Was I not supposed to have mentioned the gulags!?!


Ah shit, didn't see @10 prior to posting. Beat me to it.


And now we're up to over 25,000 new cases and nearly 1000 new deaths (again this is updated every 12 hours/24 hours). People are crazy thinking this has slowed down.


@xina not every area is experiencing those rates of growth or deaths. In NV the rolling seven day average for new infections is under 4%. The infection rate over the pandemic is under 6% and dropping. Testing has been expanded with about 10% of the population of Clark County tested with an aggressive contact tracing program.

As long as an area has decreased the rate of spread through the population and has implemented health and safety measures transmission rates should be able to keep going down. The spikes are from places that didn’t shelter or distance. The places that acted responsibly at the beginning are in a much better place. In Seattle you’re more at risk marching up Pine to Cal Anderson in a crowd than getting your haircut under current guidelines. This will be an endemic for a while. We need to adjust to the new normal. This isn’t going away any time soon.


If the salon is operating at 25% capacity, shouldn’t prices be raised by 400%, not by 25%?


@20 Actually it goes something like this:

The people, "Too soon to reopen! Obey the CDC guidelines!"

Inslee, "I know, I know, but no more aid is coming from DC at least until the next (bigger) infection wave hits, so right now I have no choice but to stand down and let it happen."


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