Rumors typically have their basis in fact. More implausible is to engineer fake rumors. Extortion is handy and convenient tactic to use as things get progressively uglier in lawless environments.


Meinert was spreading the rumor of ID checkpoints and extorted business owners on Facebook last night. Apparently he's unhappy that he's been kicked off Capitol Hill.


I keep getting queried from suburban co-workers about CHAZ and reminded to 'stay safe'. Indeed I live about 3 blocks away. No, aside from the annoying helicopter (how much does it cost to keep that thing aloft for hours anyway?), and the time the train went right past the Capitol Hill station without warning, the protests have not exactly upended my existence or made me feel in any way unsafe.


@4: Yeah, the hype can outpace the actual drama which is what we hope for.



Well, I didn't feel entirely safe when the street I live on was getting gassed on a nightly basis, but I do support the Autonomous Zone 100% and hope it can succesfully be made in some way a permanent fixture.


A portion of a third-party Faceboik post relayed to me by a friend includes; "the democratic mayor.....he complied. The police were taken out of the area."
The relayed post is filled with obvious inaccuracies, unless Mayor Durkan has gone transgender in the last week. God knows how many people lap up these crappy reports!
As far as rumors having their basis in fact, I'll believe that when I see the International Banking Conspiracy in the basement of Hillary's Pizza Parlor, and the X-File Space Aliens!


And get this—the police are still in the neighborhood, doing routine police stuff. Last night I watched two cops deal with a person who had passed out on Broadway. They prodded her and asked “you wanna go to detox?” until medical professionals arrived. (Obviously, we should be funding social workers to take care of these kinds of problems instead of cops!)

People probably call the police, because they do not know the correct agency to call about someone that seems to be in medical distress on the street. Also,many people could be concerned if it is a situation involving narcotics it could be a medical and legal issue, and do not want to become involved.



Just when we think you can't be any more fucking stupid than you've proven yourself to be already on countless occasions, you, like the current occupant of the East Wing toilet, along with his many credulous, slack-jawed followers, constantly find new ways of proving us wrong.


@1 -- What??? Seriously -- you think rumors have their basis in fact? Jesus, what ridiculous nonsense. Just think about it for just a few seconds. There are hundreds of religions, most of which contradict each other. They can't all be true. They are all, essentially rumors. Many of the ideas have conveniently been dropped, simply because scientific evidence proved them wrong. The sun does not revolve around the earth, no matter what rumors you've heard.

Holy shit, man, did you completely ignore the last election, or for that matter, 1972? It is very common for politicians to spread rumors about their opponent. How do you think Karl Rove got his start? Jesus man, all this shit is in Wikipedia, and that is just one tiny subset or the world of rumor. Seriously, just do a search for "political rumors" and you can find shitloads, many of which were engineered by political opponents. Or do you really think that John McCain fathered an illegitimate black child?


@9 -- The police are asked to perform many of the tasks that fall to social workers in other, more advanced countries. They typically fail, because they have inadequate training. Lack of a strong social safety net also makes it more difficult for them to do their main job -- prevent crime. Despite obvious models for success in other countries (, we fail to learn from them, because America generally ignores the rest of the world.


Spek covers the Chief Of Seattle Police: "... just released a new video addressed to her officers (and presumably the media). In it, she doubles down on the false claim someone is trying to burn down the building, and AGAIN repeats the false claim protection money is being extorted. Unacceptable.


Remember a lot of the rich mansions are unoccupied right now, so it's a great time for squatters.

The owners all went to their summer houses while they left you behind. The joke is, they're actually at higher risk there.

That said, there have been a rash of office chair thefts near CHAZ ...


No mention of the warlord named RAZ who has filled the power vacuum with his armed militia? That one has been very popular in certain circles.

Or how about the self-identified fascist who posted pictures of himself holding a copy of Mein Kampf, then "infiltrated" the CHAZ last night to take photos for the purpose doxxing and reconnaissance, even managing to get a selfie with the infamous warlord on livestream, so he could post it all to 4chan?


@11 - "you think rumors have their basis in fact?"

Yes, typically they do. That's what I said.

Typically != All.

These rumors are making the news. So do plan to continue to get unglued throughout the day.


@13: We have no reason to doubt the Seattle Chief of Police, who is trying to do her best. You don't have all the information.


It's too bad the Stranger doesn't have any employees in the area to look into these damning allegations, and perhaps put those nasty rumors to rest. Somebody who could ask local business owners if anybody has tried to coerce payment out of them.

Like some kind of blogger who reports on things that are happening, by asking questions of an investigative nature.


@10: You got the WH wings mixed up.


Hopefully the City Council will put the asst. chief under oath and ask her about this.


The Zone is being run by Krebs, Keitel, Bergdorf, Jodl, and Bormann.


I’ve been hearing a lot of rumors regarding raindrop being the dumbest motherfucker on the planet.

btw nice to see Herzog finishing her years-long turn towards full-on right-wing/centrist grifter and trashing the Stranger in the process. Who could have seen it coming? Perhaps you guys should have just fired her for her shitty writing years ago.




Meanwhile, I was watching a smaller protest yesterday and the black lady I was sitting with was handed a bag of fries.

She shared them with me.

She then told a friend and I about..

The Ape Caves.


Mercer Island is up for sale? It's going to become a squatter's paradise.

@10 COMTE for the WIN!
@14 Will in Seattle: I blame Timmy Eyesore for the chair thefts. As for the Mercer Island pearl-clutchers' McMansions getting squatter-invaded, I agree: they should have stayed home during lockdown instead of fleeing the Divided States for that tax exempt private island. This makes me wonder about the filthy, stinking, self serving richie riches in Greenwich, Connecticut (source: May 11, 2020 issue of The New Yorker Magazine, by Evan Osnos, "The Greenwich Rebellion", pages 28-39) who are so Trumpian they have built a high wall around their uppity community to keep the 99.9999999999% of us out.
@1, @6, @16, @17, & @19: Quit while you're 244 years behind, Rainy. Your MAGA cap must be covering up one hell of a bald spot. Jesus, I keep telling you to watch the high fructose corn syrup.


I’ve told this story before, but many years ago I was in bed (alone) in my studio at The New McDermott apartments on Capitol Hill. About three AM, someone buzzed my intercom, but I ignored it, because that was something that drunks used to to to get in the building. A few minutes later, I heard the antique elevator start up, and then land on my floor. A few seconds later, someone pounded on my door and shouted “Seattle Police! Open up!”

After verifying that they were indeed police, I opened up, and they barged in, wanting to know where “Ephram” was. I told them that I didn’t know an Ephram, and they asked if they could look around, and I said sure. It took about ten seconds to see that there was no one else in the apartment (I keep a tidy home). One officer said to me “911 had a report of a suicide attempt at 1514 Bellevue Ave E”.

I pointed out that we were at 1514 Bellevue Ave, and that 1514 Bellevue Ave E was twenty blocks up the street.


“Good night sir. We’re very sorry to have disturbed you”

I don’t know what happened to poor Ephram, but that was not an appropriate use of the Police. Indeed, it might have driven Ephram over the edge, which would be tragic and would also be traumatic for the responding police.

We need to find a new way to dispatch public safety resources.


It's way too late, but clerk will note for the record, that I amend my statement to "rumors CAN have their basis in fact".


@25: Welcome back. We were getting worried about you.



Oh, thanks. Now I'm going to have a nagging curiosity about what Herzog has done.


Whatever happened to that guy who was plastering SLOG with long-ass tendentious comments whining about responsible journalism and credible sources?


"I love rumors! Facts can be so misleading, but rumors, true or false, are often revealing." -- Hans Landa (Inglourious Basterds)

You do know it wasn't a Documentary, right?


@19 I guess it wouldn't be Thursday without our stolid raindrop completely missing a joke somewhere in the comments.


@30 Far as I can tell, she went on record saying she still likes Harry Potter.


For the record @30: “In a matter of days my patreon will likely surpass my annual income at The Stranger. Join now for interesting conversations and so I never have to work with people like that again.”


Who is the listing agent for the island? I’m considering making an offer...


@34: "It’s a block party with free gatoraid."

Good. All parties come to an end.



Hmm. That's just being classless.

Anyway, her appeal for money offers interesting conversations, which sounds like false advertising. She's good with punctuation, she can generate a lot of words, and she keeps current with social media, but her writing has the sophistication of a eight-grade version of the Steve Buscemi character from Reservoir Dogs trying to make a case for why you shouldn't tip your waitperson. Like @37 says, she's a one-note cockroach.


I appreciate Herzog because she didn't lose her mind when guys who fuck guys who kinda sorta became girls wanted to feel manly and spoke up about it.

I do resent ending up learning acronyms like "terf" from the girls who talked to me on tinder, though.

I should never have had to learn all of this bullshit.

She's cold and bloodless but gives thought to future generations.

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