GermanSausage @1, great champion of Black Lives Matter that you are, tell us.

How many more black lives have to be lost until they matter enough to you to give up on your herd immunity fetish?

How many more black bodies have to be sacrificed at the altar of your absolving yourself of moral responsibility for the rest of us having to live in the real world and not in your idealized fantasy world? (Considering that low Vitamin D levels have consistently correlated with COVID-19 mortality, I can hear your stirring speech now: "I have a dream that some day black Americans will have Vitamin D levels that match those of white Americans.")

How many more African Americans have to go for days or weeks experiencing the feeling of "I can't breathe" (until they eventually expire) before you feel some empathy for their shared humanity?

TIA for answering my questions. And I'm sure that any self-respecting black person can only appreciate your genuine concern for their well-being.


Farmers have a passion for their work like no other. Marcus Henderson will go far.


Marcus is another hero.

8 an impromptu P-Patch?


This is insane. So I can go and just grab some land in a public park and start my own little garden? WTF?! Maybe I'll just tear out the fountain because it interferes with my gardening too.



Dunno if you've maybe not been following the news of late, but there's some extenuating circumstances surrounding this particular situation that render it a bit unusual.


@10 soooo you're saying because there were protests about police brutality and racism (that I took part in) I can go grab a piece of Cal Anderson Park (public property by the way) and do whatever I decide that I want to do with it? We the people don't get a say in how our public park is used?
@11 completely agree.


CHAZ: Brought to you courtesy of Seattle City Light, Seattle Public Utilities (SPU) which provides water, sewer, drainage and garbage services, and The Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) which has provided dumpsters, washing stations and port-a-potties.
But hey, it's Autonomous!!!


@12 What's the harm, though? I guess the city will eventually have to come around and patch the sod. And... that's it. All that's left is some memories.

Its not my place to tell you what you should or shouldn't get agitated over but geeze.



No, I don't think you should personally be able to grab a parcel of land and do whatever you like with it. Though I think if you were doing so in a coordinated effort with several hundred other people in the name of a just cause, that these circumstances should warrant some manner of consideration of that decision making process. I'm not even necessarily disagreeing with you, just pointing out the false equivalence in your example.


@17 Why do you think there is a false equivalence? I took part in the protests. Can't I just rip up the fountain and build a little cabin for myself there?


So who does he call if someone steals his crops? Ghostbusters?
I voted for Hillary, I voted for Durkan. I think she is doing the best possible job despite Lefties trying to... I don’t know what they are trying to do. Nobody does. WTF do you want????? Defund the Police? Ok that’s a nonstarter. Ok defund their weapons and shit like 50%? More reasonable. Invest that in “the community” WTF does that mean? Less Police funding and more education funding? Or only for specific schools in specific areas? Turn the East Precinct into a community center? We already got those. Now we need one that is super expensive to maintain because it is a Police fortress?
I am 100% with accountability for Police and dramatic reform. But the #1 ya’ll fake hypocrites should be supporting is banning all Public Sector Unions. You know the reason bad Cops and bad Teachers stay on the job and reforms don’t happen.


Matt, did you read the 4 year old article you linked to about lawns? Or did you just google something and then paste the link? Yes, lawns that are smothered in high nitrogen fertilizers and herbicides are very bad for the environment. However, grass is the easiest way to pull CO2 from the air. Organic lawn care is very easy to do, especially using clover mixed in with grass seed. Using a push-reel mower with organic lawn care, and letting grass go dormant in the summer months makes a lawn a great thing for the environment. That grass in Cal Anderson isn't fertilized and has lots of clover (and lots of weeks). The only negative about it is they use gasoline powered lawn mowers.


Are we supposed to think this is a good thing? Aren't public parks an important thing? Why should we give up scarce public space for what is essentially another P-Patch? We need more public park space, especially in the heart of the city, not less.



Why wouldn't you just pitch a tent like everyone else working as part of a communal effort?



Also, if you don't think comparing "ripping out a fountain" to build a cabin doesn't quite legitimately compare to planting some vegetables in a parcel of land I'm not quite sure what to tell you.


Been years since I checked the comments on Slog, but CHAZ brought me back for a peek. The trolls in these comments are as toxic as ever. No comment threads, upvoting still? Anyway, speaking of trolls, super proud of all the people involved for demonstrating and trolling the fascists locally and nationally. Antifa took over Seattle! Send in $billions$ to remove this garden! Shoot the gardeners!


Context, you seen many sprinkler systems or people who water around here ever? Didn't think you might have. This is why everything on the ground turns brown come the summer and then turns green again once winter approaches. There's a reason for this. Sprinkler systems have never been a must have thing here.


13 dear, What does City Light have to do with CHAZ?


Watch. Plants won't grow and they're all "ALL CROPS ARE BASTARDS!!!"



How do you think literally every parcel of land on this continent was obtained?


@29 It's great that you can warp something as innocuous as a lawn, and organic lawn care at that, through a SJW cape. Trees planted next to a house can cause serious maintenance issues.. root damaging foundations, risk of tree falling over, moss on roofs, debris clogging your gutters or your neighbors. And I don't give a flying fuck what lawns symbolize. I'm glad you do, it takes all kinds. Some people like lawns, some people don't. Some people take out all their grass, some people don't. The point is that grass is good for the environment as long as it's done organically. Organic lawn care requires less effort than non-organic lawn care. And letting it go dormant in the summer, as all fescues do around here, means no water wasted. Your comment in response to mine demonstrated the level of reading comprehension that a typical trump supporter has. Your comment was as rambling and off topic as a trump press conference. Are you MAGA?



Who says they "stole" any of it? Tomato seedlings come from - wait for it - tomatoes, you know, that goopy stuff on the inside with the little things that get stuck in your teeth? You can literally plant those little bits in the ground - and here's the REALLY crazy part - THEY JUST GROW! As for the water, well, have you looked out the window at any time the past week or so? Why, it's like some moron is just dumping it straight out of the sky! Must be one of those Commie-Pinko Libtards I keep hearing about.


Hey! Can someone get a message to me for me? I have squash plants and a rain barrel to donate. Love what he is doing! Can you ask him to respond to this comment if he wants them? Alternatively,if he's run out of room, I can plant them and bring the produce as a donation. Susie


I meant get a message to Marcus!!


@38 You must not live anywhere near Queen Anne, Capitol Hill etc. I can confirm little to no strictly lawn watering systems like one would find in Spokane, Boise, Denver, Phoenix etc.



I've not really delved into your @'ing with Context in this thread, but he's an insane person and not worthy of engagement, lest you're into indulging frustrating debates with dogs, parrots & the like. Check his recent comment history. It's utterly pointless.



I believe I can say without exaggeration that Capitol Hill is orders of magnitude cleaner than your own gonococcus-encrusted genitals right now...


The money we are saving in not paying cops overtime to harass residents will easily pay for the needed graffiti removal. Will the city remove this impromptu Peapatch? Probably only if the bad.


Marcus joined Green Canopy in July of 2019 with a diverse background ranging for data analysis to natural building. As a New Yorker....

Ah, so he learned to garden in NY state - THAT explains the peppers and tomatoes. He will soon find out that the cooler nights of this maritime climate will stunt the growth of heat loving peppers and tomatoes - plants that don't like temps under 60 degrees. Even in the summer our nights barely crack 60. I had mine in a greenhouse until mid July - didn't put them outside until the tomatoes were pushing 4' tall and the peppers had been flowering - which I pinced off until the plant went outside.

Good luck. Do a follow up in a few months - if that tomato plant isn't stricken with a virus or bacterial disease due to the cold I'll be shocked.


You're all a bunch of crop soil viability experts now, huh? It must eat you right up to see things you don't understand, like Marcus and his project informed by actual education, on your teeny tiny phone screens. I bet it's lighting up your frowns from below. I bet it's a sad a beautiful thing, the way all fossils are sad and beautiful.


Give what up, Context? That I'm right and you're wrong? I hope every blade or expanse of brown lawn you see this summer haunts you for the rest of your days. Summer science project for you, buddy!


I planted tomato seeds outside in late March. I didn't think about a second transplantation from a 3-gallon bucket of miracle-gro before I let the plants attach themselves to things.

Broke 40" and flowered within the past couple days.

I admittedly genocided the snails and occasionally spray neem oil.


They spread a layer of potting soil over cardboard, didn't rip up the turf, or till the soil (which is probably tainted with arsenic being park grass). That and the amount of plants they've planted is enough to feed maybe 2-3 people and are not calorie dense at all meaning they likely spent more calories getting the plants and working to plant them than they'll get back by eating them.


There were holes dug through the cardboard - it appears that's just there to smother the competing grasses.

Which isn't a bad idea, as far as replacing grass with fruits and vegetables goes.

The rest is aesthetics.

I'm not handing out camping/survival advice, but people growing their own food is a net positive.


They clearly need some assistance with the garden. Is there a good way to reach out and provide some tips? For example, planes won’t grow in a thin layer of soil and mulch, especially when there is cardboard in the way so the roots are blocked from contacting the ground. I really want to see this community succeed, and they really need help.


Y'all understand that that's an aqueduct? The soil only goes a few feet down and the discovering a huge water supply for the quick area? And that without observing some precautions and how you plant, you may endanger that water supply? The trees that are planted there aren't just haphazardly planted. The plantings that are there take into account the soil depths, growth patterns and ensuring the protection of the underlying cover on that aqueduct


*and IS covering


MacDaddy dear, it’s a reservoir, not an aqueduct. And it has a concrete lid that is several inches deep. And I don’t think it goes over that far. But it’s sweet that you are concerned.


@60 you'd be surprised how shallow most garden veggie plant roots are. Most raised beds are hardly more than 18" -24" deep. Even carrots would have enough room.

I hope they include raspberries and other cane berry types; this is the perfect climate for them and these are generally kinda pricey produce in the stores. I always told people back my Master Gardener days not to forget dessert. The berries we can grow here!


Burn Loot Murder Terrorists Plant Communist Garden


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