Medics Say SPD Targeted Them with Flash-Bangs While They Treated the Wounded



It's all so unfortunate and pointless. Glad she's recovered and is doing fine.




These are almost certainly "blast balls," not flash-bang devices, with blast balls often being more dangerous because they can create sharp jagged hard rubber shrapnel, e.g. when they ripped open the cheek of a citizen journalist in 2016:
If the fragment had hit a few inches lower it could have killed him.

These devices have repeatedly injured protesters and police themselves, e.g. setting an SPD officer's leg on fire in 2016:

Despite abundant evidence that people had been seriously injured and that someone would likely eventually be killed, the Seattle Community Police Commission (CPC) failed to do anything beyond write letters stating its concern and call to stop using them. On June 7th alone, in a one block area of Capitol Hill, over the course of eight minutes, SPD launched over 100 blast balls.

It ultimately took City Council action last week -- entirely independent of the CPC -- to ban the use of these and other "crowd control" weapons, showing that the CPC is ultimately not just a body without power, but also a body without the ability to represent the community.


Will there be an investigation about this, because this has to be illegal. It actually sounds like a war crime.


Firing chemical weapons at medics is a war crime. It has been a war crime since the early 1900s.

Either Durkan authorized the chemical weapon attack on medics, or she has no control over Best, who did, despite orders not to use chem weapons.

Either way, one or both of them need to be in front of an ICC judge, or removed from their jobs, at the very least.


This is all too ridiculous. The police need to be held accountable, and those who fired on medics treating the wounded need to be jailed. This is beyond unacceptable and only further shows how filthy rotten SPD is to the core. Those cops knew damn well what they were doing, and an uprising is inevitable if leaders don’t take a stand against this kind of degeneracy.


They shot her point blank. A criminal act by the Seattle Police.


Everyone that's ever played dungeons and dragons knows you target the healers first.


If Durkan and Best want to declare war on citizens, they should accept the consequences and be put in front of an ICC judge for war crimes. Firing on medics is a way crime. Do the crime, do the time.