CHOP is now officially in radioactive decay mode, with a half-life of one day.


When there's no one in charge, who can declare that a social media account is official?


KOMO aren't very bright.

They will express shock when the SPD budget is cut 60%, of course.


Why are only Boomers afraid of Madison Cawthorn? Rich, young, good looking, gun loving, extremely conservative -- I would think the fear would spread beyond one age group.


Will dear, the prospect of a 60% budget cut to SPD is as realistic as your solar panels or your dream of 100 story residential towers in Ravenna.


@4 "extremely conservative" - is there any other kind?

The district was highly competitive for many years but it got chopped up by one of those scientific gerrymanders the GOP did after the 2010 census. So egregious it was redrawn again by the courts for 2020. Currently vacant since Mark Meadows resigned to become Trump's Chief of Staff.

Eff Weye Eye!


When warm and fuzzy sounding CHAZ morphed into butcher block sounding CHOP, the handwriting was on the wall.

Sure, there's still walls and handwriting to follow, but the bloom was off the uprising.


Gillibrand, Hillary and Engels endorsing each other?
Yeech! Time for a Dramamine!


I don't see suspension of virus funding/testing having any negative impact on Trump or the GOP at large. He was already gonna lose and lose bad come November, making it Biden's responsibility to attempt to clean up and take responsibility for the mess. Trump's sycophantic base will continue to lick his boots and that of whatever shitlord takes up his cause come December. And "reasonable" GOP'ers will be able to fall in line behind Romney or whatever shitlord takes up THAT cause and disavow themselves of any responsibility in this debacle.

Honestly, I'm already mildly concerned about 2024 and hope that Harris, Abrams or whoever secures the VP nom doesn't think they entitled to that nomination (and yeah, yeah, we need to press hard for the next 4 months and not take it for granted, of course. We're not taking it for granted and won't do so. Though the reality is that stupid fuck's every action, statement and tweet wind up serving as another effective advocate on our behalf.)


Unfortunately it's not just the next 4 months- if Trump loses, the GOP still has 2 additional months to do as much damage as possible.
And you know they will do just that!


jackkay dear, you needn't worry your dear grey-haired head over that. Any spray paint that ends up in the sound will be miniscule compared to what cars put in there each and every day.


13: I think Congress gets sworn in around the first of the year, but yes that's still time.


@13 is right. Trump just had his 200th federal judge confirmed by the Senate. Those are lifetime appointments.


@5 you might want to check the inventory for solar panels on buildings, it keeps increasing, and have you looked at the skyline lately?

Macklemore and his daughter on a scooter for the win!


Will dear, not to toot my own horn, but I can assure you that I know more about solar in Seattle than you will ever be able to comprehend.

As for Macklemore and his daughter, that's a charming non-sequitur. The sort of thing we can always depend on Our Dear Will in Seattle to provide.


I'm catching up on this thread, and I just want to say, Catalina Vel-DuRay, you are a true treasure.

Of course, you already knew that.


Mr. Cawthorn is settin' off my gaydar something fierce. and fuck YOU, Mr. Zifferelli. don't you trash talk Catalina.


Northeast quarantine does NOT include Washington state. Someone fucked up.


It's MRS Vel-DuRay, Art Dear. And I'm sorry that you're intimidated by strong mannequins. You and your therapist need to work on that.


Time to evict the festival campers and junkies that privatized and trashed Cal Anderson Park for the last two weeks. Lets organize a work party to restore it as a community space for Pride weekend.


It's "backpedal". Y'know, like futilely trying to reverse course on a bicycle?

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