Closure of The Palace Theater & Art Bar Is a Gut Punch to Seattle Queer Culture



Sylvia is one of my best friends, and one of the finest people I've ever had the pleasure to know.

My heart - as cynical and jaded as it is - aches for her, but I know that she will come back bigger and better than ever.


March on the Mayor's House, Tomorrow Sunday. Meet at Magnuson Park 5pm-8pm


@2: It's been called off.


I’m really worried about the hit that community LGBT-owned businesses are taking. There was already pressure from gentrification in a lot of cities. And this is a textbook case of how extractive tech companies (even LGBT owned ones) steal clientele from locally owned businesses (via people hooking up via apps like Grindr instead of going out to bars or shopping in local shops).

COVID-19 is accelerating this trend. And some places will reopen. And a few new places will come along to take the place of those we’ve lost. But there’s a clear downward trend in every city I’ve been in. And a lot of places that were just hanging on like this will be lost forever.


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