Last night inside CHOP at 6:30 pm.
The news is so grim, let's start with this relatively peaceful photo taken inside CHOP at 6:30 pm last night. Photo by Christopher Frizzelle

Two more people shot—one fatally—at CHOP early this morning: "At least two people were reported shot in a chaotic scene of frightened campers, security volunteers, and heavily armed private security early Monday morning on the edge of the Capitol Hill protest zone," reports Capitol Hill Seattle blog.

Details are still unclear but they involve a white Jeep Cherokee and a... pickaxe? "911 callers reported a person shooting into a vehicle and at least one person being taken to Harborview by private vehicle. A second person shot was taken to a safe collection area where Seattle Fire then transported the victim to Harborview. Another person reportedly attacked with a pickaxe arrived at Harborview by private vehicle."

The shootings occurred at 12th and Pike, outside East Precinct, along the edge of CHOP: You can almost see the site of the shooting in the image below.

The shootings occurred after 3 am this morning at 12th and Pike (two blocks away and one block to the right from where this picture was taken).
The shootings occurred two blocks forward and half a block to the right of where this photo was taken. Photo by Christopher Frizzelle

Harborview confirms arrival of shooting victims: "One victim arrived at the hospital by a private vehicle from the CHOP around 3:15 a.m. The second victim was transported to the hospital by Seattle Fire Department medics and arrived at the hospital around 3:30 a.m. One of the victims has gunshot wounds to their hip, arm, and the temple." A hospital spokesperson told King5News that "the shooting victim that arrived at the hospital around 3:30 a.m. died from their injuries."

"It was almost literally right outside in front of the East Precinct," another witness confirmed to KIRO.

A King 5 News producer snapped the following picture of the scene: Just after 3 am. Northwest Film Fest is just outside the frame, to the left.

There are no suspects: Just as with the previous shootings in or around CHOP, there has been no information released about potential suspects.

Worldwide COVID death toll passes half a million: Some 502,306 people have died from COVID as of this morning.

Paranoid hallucinations are another effect of COVID: "Kim Victory was paralyzed on a bed and being burned alive. Just in time, someone rescued her, but suddenly, she was turned into an ice sculpture on a fancy cruise ship buffet. Next, she was a subject of an experiment in a lab in Japan. Then she was being attacked by cats." Jesus, COVID gets more terrifying by the day.

Another photo taken inside CHOP around 6:30 pm last night.
Another photo taken inside CHOP around 6:30 pm last night. Photo by Christopher Frizzelle

Some good news: Chief Justice John Roberts sides with liberals on the US Supreme Court to keep abortions legal in Louisiana. The decision was announced this morning. Thanks, John. You can read the decision here.

"Something is going on with John Roberts," says Jeffrey Toobin on CNN this morning. Watch it here.

Sasha Baron Cohen pranked a right-wing Olympia rally on Saturday: "Actor and professional prankster Sacha Baron Cohen pulled off his latest stunt Saturday—at a right-wing rally in Olympia—taking the stage and getting some people to sing racist lyrics about Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and the 'Wuhan flu.'"

A skiier disappeared on Mount Rainier on Friday: He was the third person to go missing on Rainier in a week. He is "believed to have fallen in steep terrain during the descent of the upper mountain," Seattle Times reports.

How did Seattle residents spend their stimulus checks? Not on avocado toast. "Seattle-area residents haven’t squirreled away their stimulus checks, and they haven’t splurged on something fun. They’ve used the money just to get by."