There are so many good ones, but this is my favorite—created by Noah Bell-Cruz.
There are so many good ones, but this is my favorite. Design by Noah Bell-Cruz

Okay, it's not actually a new slogan contest, it's the West Seattle Bridge T-Shirt contest, inspired by the crumbling West Seattle Bridge and the identity crisis that being cut off from the rest of the city has plunged West Seattle into.

Whatever else you want to say about the crumbling bridge, it is clearly cranking up the already over-the-top creativity of that neighborhood. There are so many amazing designs that I think one of these t-shirt concepts could really stick as West Seattle's new identity. I'm partial to Accidental Island ("great neighbors... terrible bridges!") because it makes coffee shoot out of my nose. But you know what else makes coffee shoot out of my nose? The t-shirt that rebrands the neighborhood as East Vashon. LOL.

Before all of West Seattle gets mad at me for posting about this on Slog, a blog the whole city reads, when this is really just a West Seattle thing, let me hasten to add: You should not vote if you do not live in West Seattle. But! There are so many eye-popping designs, I just had to make sure you see them. You can browse all the designs here without voting at all.

Also, it should be noted: some of the t-shirt designs don't have slogans at all.

This one is my other favorite.
This one is my other favorite. Design by Alyssa Kaplan

But there are so many other good ones to choose from.

There's one that looks like the old Sonics logo; there's a rainbow/cloud one designed by former Stranger art director Corianton Hale; there's one that's a parody of Edvard Munch's The Scream; and there's one featuring a giant merman (or is it a merman giant? or is it Neptune?) coming out of the water to hold up the West Seattle Bridge, with fins protruding from his triceps.

Plus dozens of others.

Okay, actually, maybe this one is my favorite.
Okay, actually, maybe this one is my favorite. Design by Doug Keith

If you live in West Seattle, voting is underway right now. Although, you know, it's West Seattle, so no rush.

Voting has been underway since July 8, but as the voting form says along the top: "We’re on island time now, so take your time—the voting ends July 31st."

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West Seattle residents are supposed to select their favorite five designs, and then: "Powered by your votes, three designs will be produced into West Seattle Bridge T-Shirts available for pre-sale, and at local West Seattle retailers. Be the voice of West Seattle, and show your community pride."

If you live on Accidental Island aka East Vashon, you can vote here or here. However, the designs are a little hard to see on those voting forms, because they are thumbnails.

To see the designs full size—or to check them out just for fun if you don't live in West Seattle—click here.