And Sheila Heti will be there as the *special guest.*
Sheila Heti will be the *special guest.* Photo by Sylvia Plachy

It's Wednesday, which means the Silent Reading Party is tonight at 6 pm PST. You're invited.

If you have never been to the reading party before, you should know:

1. It's not actually silent. You will be silenced—well, muted—in the Zoom room so that everyone can hear the piano player, Paul Matthew Moore, play exquisitely soft piano music.

2. You don't have to read if you don't want to. You could also paint a painting, cook and eat dinner, or re-tile your kitchen to Paul's amazing music.

3. All summer, The Stranger is inviting famous authors to join us. They don't do anything except sit there quietly and read to themselves, just like you! But unlike when you see authors at bookstore events, you get to see them actually sitting at home at this party, in their favorite reading chair. And you get to show off your favorite reading chair.

The party is worldwide, and people attend from places like Australia and Singapore.
The party is worldwide, and people attend from places like Australia and Singapore. DELIORMANLI/GETTY IMAGES

Tonight's special guest is Sheila Heti, who will be tuning in live from Toronto, Canada.

That's another cool thing about the reading party—it's open to people all around the world. It will be 9 pm Sheila's time, and if anyone from Singapore is at tonight's party, it will be 9 am Thursday morning for them. Recent reading party special guests Garth Greenwell and Gary Shteyngart tuned in from Iowa and New York, respectively.

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Sheila is the author of eight books, including the novels How Should a Person Be? and Motherhood. You can find out more about her and why we're so excited to see her tonight here.

The price for reading party is pay-what-you-want, and the cheapest option is only $5. This is a great way to support The Stranger and get something in exchange, something that's waaaay better than a tote bag. You get two hours of relaxing piano music, and bragging rights for the rest of your life that you've been at a party with Sheila Heti.

Get your ticket here, and see you at 6 pm!