Slog PM: Washington State Sets Single-Day Record with 1,267 New COVID-19 Cases



Where's The Stranger's election endorsements? I got my ballot today, how am I supposed to vote?


@1 They drop around midnight.


"The science should not stand in the way of this."

Ugh. What can even be said at this point, honestly? Our society is catastrophically fucking dumb. Was listening to NPR just now and heard where Pelosi compared asslord to a lost man who was too stubborn to ask for directions, and had me a good chuckle. Simple, spot-on analogy.


Our Star has far more power over our climate than we do.


bingo, blob:

"The science [trump's PanfuckingDemic] should not stand in the way of this [forcing all children and young adults into massive Petri dishes] [cleverly disguised as schools] [so trumpf can win another one?] [just think of it: our very Last Election!]."

And with a Death Toll of at least 2-3,ooo,ooo -- oh, and all those folks who need the Hopsital when they Need it but they were all Full, with so many catching a nasty dose of trumpfvirus, so adios, another shit-tonne of peeps who DID NOT NEED TO FUCKING DIE so, Amigos -- better start saying your good-byes soon.

What a great time for a complete
governmental take-over, eh, repubs?

Oh and the bridge to E. Vashon?
They're gonna 'fix' it?

I got a Bad feeling about this one, too (see: WA & its unseasonably-vanishing bridges) but don't cry me a river when it tumbles to the sea, mayor Teargas. Perhaps it's just not your era...


@4. Especially if we burn enough CFCs to remove the ozone layer and really get a taste of solar wind and cosmic radiation! But, wait, people's can't affect the climate after Al Gore invented global warming. I guess in the 90s it wasnt controversial to be a Republican who thought otherwise.


We can't let science stand in the way of learning science?


@1: You read the voter's pamphlet and decide for yourself first and then see if The Stranger matches your choices.


@3 mike blob and @5 kristofarian for the tied WIN!


... which is no small task - there's a huge assortment of characters running for Governor and other positions.


Compared to what's going on in Portland, this news is, well, sunny.


If the new cases were a function of increased testing the increase in cases would be directly proportional to the testing rate (it’s not). We’re also seeing an increase in hospitalizations and deaths trailing the spike in new cases by several weeks.


@11 -- Do you really think it matters how many lunatics are running for governor? Do think that is why Catalina is waiting for The Stranger's endorsements?

Jesus, it is for down-ticket races. Endorsements (from various respected sources) matter for such things, as most people don't know much about those positions.


You don’t have to capture every case for confirmed cases to be a useful indicator. On the contrary it’s extremely useful because it gives you lead time to prepare for the surge in hospitalizations that follows. Ultimately hospitalizations and deaths are the thing we care about the most & those can be used to retrospectively estimate the scale of the outbreak because it’s a more consistent indicator, because testing doesn’t catch every case.

Regardless this argument that there are way more cases circulating freely & unaware is not the slam dunk you guys seem to think it is.


"there's a huge assortment of characters running for Governor and other positions"

A normally functioning person doesn't need a voter's pamphlet or the SECB for the governor. There's Inslee, and then there's a bunch of crackpots, half-wits, and bible-addled nitwits.

Vote Inslee.


If Mike the Mover isn't 1 if the 36 candidates for Governor then it's not a real election!


Now I don't have a medical degree and years of practice but let me tell you whats going on with Carona.



Feebs you are as dumb as you are stupid. You may as well suggest we sunbathe in a hurricane as imply we open schools with 3.6 million known cases and 75k new ones a day, when Europe followed WHO guidelines and contained it before reopening. But yeah, what are these things called variables, you know?


I'm enjoying this OldWhite&Scared character.

Re. @22, throughout this whole pandemic, I keep waiting for someone on TV to say, "I'm not a doctor, but I play one on TV."


@16 The “they” breathlessly reporting confirmed cases here are the Stranger’s weakest writers. If you are looking for thoughtful, science-based reporting, you are most definitely in the wrong place.


he’s not looking for thoughtful, science-based reporting


They are at less risk of developing infections but they are still vectors who can transmit the virus to adults in their households, even without symptoms. This is common knowledge and you are cherry-picking out of context to justify policies which will kill more Americans and kids, again using apples and oranges and intentionally blinding yourself to the the massive skyrocketing infection rate in the USA, thus making all your points completely inane and without any value whatsoever.



Do you have school-aged kids? Does anyone in your family? What about your friends, colleagues or co-workers? How many of them are you willing to risk contracting COVID and either dying or suffering from a lifetime of debilitating side-effects so that schools can re-open as if the pandemic never existed in the first place?



I would say the same vis-a-vis Real Space Guy...



Why do you hate America?


@7 Redux:

Also, nice try cutting out all the references in the WAPO article to the very REAL concerns expressed by those interviewed, such as:

"Still, public health officials and researchers caution that most school reopenings are in their early stages. Much remains unknown about the interaction between children, schools and the virus. Schools have only reopened in countries where the virus is under better control than in many parts of the United States. And parents and teachers, especially in Europe, have been vocal about their concerns. It is premature to say, as President Trump put it this past week, that “In Germany, Denmark, Norway, Sweden and many other countries, SCHOOLS ARE OPEN WITH NO PROBLEMS.

While documented cases of younger students transmitting the virus to their classmates or to adults so far appear rare, there is enduring worry about the susceptibility of teens, college-age students and their teachers. And, especially in communities where the virus is still circulating widely, elaborate and expensive measures may be necessary to avoid shutting down entire schools each time a student tests positive.

Arnaud Fontanet, head of the Epidemiology of Emerging Diseases unit at the Institut Pasteur in Paris, said he “gladly” sent his four teenagers back when French schools reopened on a voluntary basis in mid-May. But he emphasized that was only because “the virus is not too much circulating in France.”

“High schoolers are still contagious and primary school students are less contagious but not zero-risk,” he said."

And that's just for starters, you mendacious poltroon (full article here:


Seems a bit delusional to model our schooling policy after countries that have an effective public health apparatus. That could have been us but republicans are so committed to the dogma that the government sucks at everything that they will it into existence. Technically they didn't need to elect a racist gameshow host with early-onset dementia to achieve this (google "heckuva job, brownie" if you need a refresher), but they really outdid themselves this time.


A "civil emergency"? That's so last administration!
Clearly, the West Seattle Bridge needs to be declared "antifa-related" or an "autonomous zone" to get federal funds and assistance for the needed demo work and then "police infrastructure" in order to rebuild it.


"They [the Left] don't mind a bit inflicting real and lasting harm on an entire generation of children to advance their political agenda."

trumpf truism 2.o:

"Accuse the other side of what
you are doing & do it often
enough it becomes
Truthy." *

*having a very True ring to it
even whilst patently false so
don't even think about it &
you'll prolly be just 'fine.'


you are such a strange person