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Very cool and normal that the federal government is disappearing people off the streets. Not concerning at all.


@1. Welcome to the undocumented experience.


Ellen's arrogance and nasty conditions on her show is old news, but still makes headlines from time to time. At some point enough should be enough.

@2: So is Michelle Obama.


I will never tire of hearing stories about how toxic and evil Ellen is.


Book club or not, all Joan Didion is recommended!


Oh shit, Joe Biden defunded the police and they cant afford badges, name tags or cop cars anymore.


@6 There would be a lot more if NDAs didn't exist. Catch any comic that's worked for her after their show and ask about her and watch them sprint away.


@8: The same relevance of any celebrity watching a Dallas Cowboys vs Green Bay Packers game with a former president. Absolutely nothing.

The Packers won 34 to 22.


What is happening in Portland is very concerning. The mayor, police commissioner, governor and members of congress have all condemned the presence of federal law enforcement agents and have told DHS to leave, to which Chad Wolf (and of course his name is Chad) has essentially said bite me. So yeah, guys dressed in full military gear in un-marked vans are rolling up and snatching people off the street and detaining them, some with out charges. It's like fucking Chile in the 70s.
And guess what? They've been sent to Seattle as well.
The administration is seeing how far it can go.


@12: Indeed yes. I'd love to have a real life again.

With crowded discos, dancing, large cocktail parties, prime rib buffets, sports, and a lot more.


I feel like Dave Reichart is really missing his opportunity to be like head of homeland security or something. He has an associate degree and there is footage of him shoving anarchists during the WTO. Trump loves that shit, time to get PAID Dave.


@13: As far as they can stretch this:

Article I, Section 9, states, “The Privilege of the Writ of Habeas Corpus shall not be suspended, unless when in Cases of Rebellion or Invasion the public Safety may require it.”


I miss real life too but I feel like this is an ideal opportunity to abolish buffets permanently


@1, government officials "arresting" citizens without due process. If that's not illegal and unconstitutional, I don't know what is.

@7, I'd love to re-read "Slouching Towards Bethlehem" and see how much it might still apply to the decadence of our times. Fun fact: Joan Didion is still Nobel Prize for Literature-eligible, which is just my tactful way of saying she's still with us, which is kinda tactful too, now that I think about it.


@17 Buddy, if I didn't have a stack of players club cards entitling me to 50% off the buffet I might agree with you. Harrahs Reno is shutting permanently so you might get your wish.


Those government officials should be criminally liable for false imprisonment.



So if the feds say to wear a mask, that's tyranny and infringement on your civil rights. But if they snatch somebody you don't like off the streets without upholding their constitutional rights, that's the federal government maintaining order. How are we supposed to know some yahoos in camo with assault rifles are the feds or not if they operate like common gangsters and thugs?


What the hell is wrong with you people that the primary in the Fifth Legislative District, which is entirely in King County, escaped your notice, especially when we have an outstanding progressive, Ingrid Anderson, a forensic nurse, running against the odious Mark Mullet, one of the worst Democrats in the Senate, who hates unions and progressive taxation, supports charter schools, predatory lenders, and every cockamamie "pro-business" legislation that crosses his desk?

Ingrid is backed by nurses, care workers, teachers, and parents who want some healthcare expertise in the Senate, especially during a pandemic. She is a longtime Democratic PCO, and well known in the district. Please remedy this oversight ASAP.


@25. Yes, two spikes WITH his leadership. Imagine if Eyman were governor with his crowd-em-up musical chairs parties, $40 car tabs for $40,000.00 hospital tabs. What a DEAL!


Following the link to kidnapping, why's Portland Mercury advocating for a sales tax? They have less-regressive taxes in place. It's odd for these sister papers to be wanting the thing the other has and dislikes.


@23 - wait until they try to grab someone who's carrying and he (justifiably) decides he's in danger & starts a gunfight.

And just in case anyone was wondering whether tweakers were idiots, the story about the unrestrained kid should put your mind at ease.


@29 Your sexual fantasies are sort of disturbing man.


@19 Casino buffets are largely loss leader or break even. The exception are the higher end offerings but most resorts have wanted them to go away for years. Same with free drinks at the slots and video poker machines.

Harrah’s Reno was sold because El Dorado is ready to complete the purchase of Harrah’s parent Caesars Entertainment. It was dead wood. Seeings as you may be a Reno regular you know what El Dorado has. Your points will be able to be used at any El Dorado resort in the next weeks/month or so when the transaction closes. Here The Rio was sold last year and word is Bally’s or The Flamingo could be next.



I'm a Portlander and haven't heard anything about the sales tax advocacy, but have absolutely no doubt that it's in addition to our existing (somewhat) more progressive income tax. Our city and it's services are desperately underfunded and any additional revenue streams could help combat some of the issues we're dealing with (and I've heard where lottery streams are drying up owing to the pandemic. Perhaps we should use this as justification to permanently kill that source outright, as it amounts to nothing more than a burdensome tax on the stupid to fund critical services, which is absurd.)


@30 - not a fantasy, a fear. Way too many people packing on the streets these days. Most of the time they are all bent out of shape about masks or emails or some other atrocities that the libs are forcing on them. But usually no one gets shot. Because their fears are generally groundless. However, when some unidentified dude in camo grabs them in the middle of the night I suspect that our streak of good luck will end.


(lottery is bad enough, but video slots and poker are the real scourge, I should probably clarify.)


Where are all the Proud Boys and Oathkeepers and other 2A advocates to stop these blatant acts of tyranny in Portland? Isnt that why they exist?



Maybe they'll chime in once Pres Biden starts disappearing them and their homies. This does seem right up their state's rights/big government overreach/tyranny alley.


@35: Ahh, the frustration of the anti-climatic reality.


The US Attorney for the District of Oregon has opened an investigation into the DHS snatch squads in Portland:


Sawant is chasing businesses out of Seattle to Bellevue. She has encouraged civil unrest in the streets that have put small, gay and often minority businesses out of business. My gay neighborhood that I came out in in 1985 is not held hostage every time some radical group gets a big up their ass. THE STRANGER ENDORSED THAT NUT FROM CALCUTTA. DONT GIVE THE STRANGER A CENT. INSTEAD LEAK THE ADDRESSES OF STRANGER EMPLOYEES JUST LIKE SAWANT LEAKED THE MAYORS ADDRESS.