No More Cars on Lake Washington Boulevard Starting Friday



I use this road a lot. I am amazed at how many “near misses” I see between cars and bikes.

I think this is a good move. I can drive alternate routes for the next few weeks.

It might increase traffic in the side streets, but it’s a small price to pay for access to safer places to enjoy the outdoors.


This sucks. I live right off of LWB. I live right there but my opinion was never solicited. And you can't use it even though they say "local access". I pay taxes to keep these roads open. Now I can't use it and have to travel on even more congested streets to get to work. Did they even think about people of limited mobility? This is great for able-bodied folk. It also effectively closes off the lake front to POC. Maybe that was the intention of this stupid city.


POC can only get to LWB by car, but cannot park a block or three off?

I'm no longer able to be the jackass making everyone ignoring the rules at Green Lake get out of the way by weaving about without touching my handle bars.

The sacrifices I make.

How can I bring POC into my conversation?

I think wheels still work on closed streets. Call it a hunch.


Oh, I know.

The Asian woman who rollerdances backward with her headphones in and I stand in solidarity.

Saw her out in a bikini last week.

Wheres my prize?


@2 I see thru traffic ignoring the street closures all the time, but so far I haven't heard of a single motorist getting ticketed for it.

So go right on rage-driving just like you've always done, but do try to keep not killing any of the joggers and cyclists you're seething at, too.


"Rage-driving" is right on this stretch of road. I see more drivers being assholes here than almost anywhere else. They seem to want to make it into a highway rather than a city street. As a cyclist I've been threatened here over the years more than other places too.