Trump believes in the coronavirus now, I guess.
Trump believes in the coronavirus now, I guess. Pedro Vilela/Getty Images

Protesters are dropping in at city council members' homes: And the Seattle City Council would like them to please stop, according to a letter from Council President Lorena Gonzalez. Councilmembers Alex Pedersen and Debora Juarez, who have yet to commit to defunding the police by 50 percent like the rest of the council, are getting some home visits from groups of protesters. According to Pedersen, he supports reducing the police budget and the protests but would rather his home not get vandalized with profanities.

Funeral shooting in Chicago: Fifteen attendees at a funeral for a victim of gun violence were wounded when a vehicle drove by and started shooting at the Rhodes Funeral Services funeral home. Attendees started shooting back at the car. The car crashed and its occupants raced off into the night.

Ma'am, please don't pick up the rabid bat with your bare hands: In Ballard, on Sunday there was a bat on a sidewalk. A woman scooped it up into her fleshy paws. The King County Public Health determined on Tuesday that the bat was rabid. Public Health officials don't have the woman's contact information to find out if she has rabies smeared all over her hands. The bat, in case you're wondering, shuffled off this mortal coil.

Look, I love the heat: But it came on so fast. Especially after our weird wintery start to summer. The weather gods are taking pity on us. It will be cool today.

Duvall teen arrested for taunting cops with donut: The 18-year-old was counter protesting at a pro-police rally in Everett by dangling a donut on a stick in front of people, including a Sheriff's deputy. He was arrested and accused of fourth-degree assault even though video evidence shows he didn't touch anyone.

A tsunami warning: Went into effect last night after a 7.8 earthquake struck the Alaska Peninsula. It was called off in the early hours of Wednesday, two hours after the quake.

Twitter's QAnon crackdown: Twitter is taking steps to stop the spread of QAnon right-wing conspiracy theories that Trump is leading a war against a deep-state of famous people who are involved with Satan and murder and abuse children. It's a whole thing. And it's growing out of hand as coordinated harassment campaigns against Trump's critics have ramped up. Twitter has banned 7,000 accounts and will limit 150,000 while also limiting the circulation of QAnon ideas.

No high school football this fall: Washington is the latest state to announce that some fall high school sports won't be played this season due to the coronavirus. Instead, they'll be moved to spring. I can't imagine what a cluster that will be. Lobbying for field time was hard enough for my high school soccer team when the only competition we had for the pitch was the boy's team. So far, the Washington Interscholastic Activities Association is moving football, volleyball, girls soccer, and boys 1B/2B soccer to the spring.

Florida Rep.'s half-assed apology: Rep. Ted Yoho from Florida was overheard "accosting" Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on her position on unemployment and crime in New York. He allegedly called her "disgusting" and muttered "fucking bitch" under his breath when he walked away. Here's his dumb apology:

Attorney General Bob Ferguson's competition includes three Republican blowhards: Who have critiqued Ferguson for "making the office political" for the number of times (69, ayooo) he has challenged Donald Trump's policies.

High school grads can get a Satanic Temple scholarship: It's open to any soon-to-be college student. By answering two questions (What have you done to promote the organization’s tenets and mission? And describe a teacher who "crushed your spirit, undermined your self-confidence, and made you hate every minute you were forced to be in school.") students can win the $500 “Devil’s Advocate Scholarship."

California woman pees in Verizon store out of protest: She was asked to wear a mask. She was so pissed she tinkled in the corner of the store. Later, police found stolen goods from Dick's Sporting Goods in her car. "This is an extremely odd incident," a police spokesperson said. "Never before have I seen someone become so disgruntled while shopping they chose this course of action."

The birds are tired:

Department of Homeland Security employees are worried about their reputation: Buzzfeed News spoke to 17 DHS employees who were concerned about the agency's response to the Portland protests where camoflauged US Customs and Border Protection and ICE officers have been deployed to defend federal buildings. There are currently 114 of them assembled in a mission called ‘Operation Diligent Valor.' Some believe that the only purpose behind sending the feds is to drum up support for Trump's re-election bid. More here. Portland last night:

A $2 billion contract for a COVID-19 vaccine: The U.S. government—after Trump pivoted to saying masks were important and that the virus would get worse—has signed a fatty contract with pharmaceutical giant Pfizer and a smaller German biotechnology company to find a vaccine by the end of the year and give the U.S. 600 million doses of it.

Let's replicate this idea, Seattle: A floating cinema with socially distanced boats is coming to Orlando. But only if someone can loan me a boat.

This is a good video:

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