The Youth Day of Action normally takes place the same day as the Trump Day of Truth.


For over 3 years, people were afraid Trump would declare nuclear war against another country. But they didn't consider that Trump would declare war on OUR country.


And as recompense for months of observing social distancing and not being able to take part in some of our favorite hobbies in one of our favorite places..

A mob waltzes in and shits on us all.

Stay the fuck out of the park if you're not going to follow the posted rules.


I've never really used my Milwaukee jobsite radio much.


Well, Slog writers, you missed this one: Be warned: Local television stations (KOMO) owned by the Sinclair Broadcast Group are set to air a baseless, warped conspiracy theory over the weekend that suggests Dr. Anthony Fauci is responsible for the creation of the coronavirus. It's all a lie.


Sounds like the old agenda here, no?

Whilst in Southern Florida a band sang a cover of the Spongebob Squarepants in the style of Limp Bizkit to end the first half of their set.

I actually raised my hands and applauded, even though I was certain I hated them. It was funny and I enjoyed it.

That was the only night I've ever kissed a German girl. Granted, she kissed me after I told her let's not dance ten times, but she persisted.

I then let her boyfriend lead her off.

And now there are mobs in the time of pandemic.

Good old Americans. Twerking away.

If these fuckers try to march in the park I'm going to blast Gulag Orkestar at them with a sign I picked up demanding social distancing and a packed fist.


UN issues warning to US authorities amid Portland clashes

Responding to questions about violent clashes in the US city of Portland between federal forces and demonstrators protesting against racism and police brutality, a UN spokeswoman stressed that the right to peacefully assemble and protest must be protected.

"Peaceful demonstrations that have been taking place in cities in the US, such as Portland, really must be able to continue," UN rights office spokeswoman Elizabeth Throssel told reporters in Geneva.

People must be able to demonstrate, and journalists must be able to cover such protests, without "risking arbitrary arrest or detention, being subject to unnecessary disproportionate or discriminatory use of force or suffering other violations of their rights," she said.


You know, it occurs to me that Sinclair Media has voluntarily stepped forward to do the bidding of President Trump.
They have voluntarily put themselves in the position of broadcasting his lies unedited and are just asking to be a target for blowback.
Realistically, where locally do the real agents for the corruption, lies and cynicism of this regime reside? Not in the East Precinct or the West Precinct or Starbucks or Macy's but right there at KOMO.


@13 and what does it say when protestors started shooting fireworks at police, start fires, bust out windows, attempt to blind with handheld lasers and assault any citizen or media outlet attempting to film their actions? Does it depend on what your definition of “peaceful”?


Oh, and Robart granted the DoJ motion. (Federal judges do emergency hearings all the time.)


@16 don’t project your own inadequacies onto me

@17 my feelings are just fine but I appreciate your concern.

I hope everyone is taking a good look around today at the empty downtown and boarded up buildings and asking themselves if this is the community we want to build. It’s easy to destroy and tear down. God bless and keep safe everyone out there today both protesting and policing.


@15 Fighting back against illegal goons who are harming citizens is what it is. Don't like it? Oh well. The people in Portland have decided not to lie down and allow Trump to terrorize them and last night the storm troopers stayed behind the fence and kept running into their hidey holes instead of going out onto the streets to attack people. They are not going to win. Thousands MORE people come every night and last night there were military veterans there who know what they're doing (unlike Trump's untrained goon squad). They will be forced out of Portland, believe that.

The longer this goes on, the worse the optics are for Trump. He keeps using the footage to say this is what Biden's America will look like when we all know full well THIS IS WHAT TRUMP'S AMERICA LOOKS LIKE. And if you think what protesters are doing in response to this illegal action taken by the federal government against the people is worse than the illegal action taken by the federal government against the people, feel free to lay down and give up all your rights and allow Trump to fuck you up the ass. That is EXACTLY what he wants. Thankfully, there are plenty of people who don't want that and are going to fight it - as protesters, as lawyers, as state representatives, as Congressional representatives, and even international representatives (see the warning from the UN). Fuck Trump and everyone who believes the people in the streets are the problem. The protests are 100% peaceful until the goon squad emerges and starts tear gassing people.

Portland's ballsy stand against Trump's tyranny is exactly what America needs


I heard someone died from a gunshot and it was recorded as a COVID death! Thank god, now that we proved it's a hoax I don't have to worry about it anymore. I also don't have to worry about getting shot for reasons that aren't clear to me but involve canned food.


Meanwhile, Trump and his goons are on your turf now.

Trump sues Seattle to block ban on tear gas and impact weapons—and wins

On Friday night, the Trump White House sued the City of Seattle, on the basis of that language, to insist that the city cannot ban tear gas and 40mm “blunt impact projectiles” like the one that broke a protester’s skull and caused severe injury when deployed indiscriminately against a nonviolent crowd in Portland last week. In court, the federal government asked for a restraining order preventing the ban on these weapons from going into effect on the basis that taking away “less lethal” implements could mean that police use lethal force instead. They won. And all of this seems to suggest that Portland is not the only city in the Pacific Northwest about to be visited by unknown men in camo.


Mail order macho: The cheap Halloween costuming of Donald Trump’s toy fascism
Trump's fake federal militia wears mail-order camo — and they're as effective as his campaign against the virus

How do you create an intimidating army out of a bunch of civil servants whose previous experience in law enforcement has been locking up little kids and their moms along the border and frisking traveling salespersons at airports for bottles containing more than three ounces of shampoo?


@25 that is not happening. period. you can make up shit and pretend you know what is happening but store fronts are not being smashed nightly in these protests. they are very specifically focused on a very narrow few blocks and involve the federal goons vs. the protesters in front of the federal court house building that the goons are supposedly "protecting" (a building that was never being vandalized until the goons showed up and started tear gassing, shooting with rubber bullets, and snatching people off the street). the never ending false narrative of "but the protesters are making everything worse" is 100% horseshit. keep shoveling it. it isn't true.


Members of the actual military explain how Trump's goons are inexperienced, unprepared, and making everything worse because they have no fucking idea what they are doing!

David said the officers’ response Saturday night to a largely peaceful crowd was completely disproportionate. But he said, it was also clear that they were not trained for this type of situation.

“They have no tactical cohesion to what they’re doing,” he said. “Duston and I are vets. We can tell what’s going on with these guys. There was no sort of command. They were running around and they were scared.”

As he watches the protests continue to balloon, Obermeyer believes the federal officers are actually “creating the situation that they are saying they have to be there for”.

“There are more protesters as we move forward,” he said. “Things should be kind of winding down at this point and they’re not because federal officers are there antagonizing and creating the situation not dealing with it.”

'That’s an illegal order': veterans challenge Trump's officers in Portland


Former Officials Say The Elite Border Patrol Unit Sent To Confront Portland Protesters Is Like A “Fish Out Of Water”

"This is political theater for an audience of one.”

Gil Kerlikowske, a former CBP commissioner who served in the Obama administration, said he questioned whether the agents had the appropriate training to handle the situation unfolding in Portland. Handling a demonstration inside an Immigration and Customs Enforcement facility or even at an official border crossing is not the same as going into an urban area where residents are engaged in civil disobedience, he said.

"This is political theater for an audience of one," Kerlikowske said, referring to Trump, who he said wants to demonstrate his facade of “toughness.” He also noted that the homeland security secretary, the CBP commissioner, and the ICE director were all appointed to their jobs in a temporary capacity, without confirmation by the Senate. “They're one tweet away from being fired, so who are they going to attempt to please?" he asked.



Say, I wouldn't suppose you happen to have a link for that nonsensical bullshit claim of yours do ya?


@32 OldWhite&Scared is doing a Poe's Law shtick.


From the New York Times:

In Portland’s So-Called War Zone, It’s the Troops Who Provide the Menace

If President Trump is actually trying to establish order, he is stunningly incompetent.

By Nicholas Kristof

PORTLAND, Ore. — To watch Fox News is to learn from Sean Hannity that the “Rose City” of Portland is “like a war zone” that has been, in Tucker Carlson’s words, “destroyed by the mob.”

So I invite Hannity and Carlson to escape their bubbles and visit Portland, stroll along the Willamette River and enjoy a glass of local pinot noir. They’ll be safe — unless they venture at night into the two blocks beside the federal courthouse.

Citizens need to be vigilant there, for armed groups periodically storm the streets to attack peaceful visitors. I’m talking, of course, about the uninvited federal forces.

I’ve watched them fire round after round of tear gas, along with occasional rubber bullets or other projectiles. They even repeatedly tear-gassed Portland’s mayor, Ted Wheeler, who has demanded that they go home, leaving him blinded and coughing on his own streets.

More at:


One comment on the article in @38, above:

"In a stunning recent interview with Amy Goodman, Noah Chomsky stated almost as a matter of fact that this new stage of federal military suppression of Americans taking place in Portland and Chicago are phase one in a two-phase strategy to prepare for martial law before the election.

Chomsky is almost never wrong. It goes without saying that Trump will stop at nothing to steal this election by any means necessary. A final decision may land on our military general’s shoulders before we know it."


Noam Chomsky on Trump’s Troop Surge
to Democratic Cities & Whether He’ll
Leave Office if He Loses


More, from thee best non-Corporate news show in America:

Philly DA Larry Krasner: Trump Is a “Wannabe Fascist.” I Will Charge His Agents If They Break Law

As President Trump announces a “surge” of federal agents into major U.S. cities to confront protesters, we speak with Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner, who warns he will arrest and charge Trump’s police forces if they violate the rights of residents in his city. “The law applies to the president of the United States, even though he doesn’t think so. The law applies to law enforcement. The law applies to civilians.

It is real simple,” says Krasner. He also discusses the importance of releasing incarcerated people during the pandemic, and tackling police corruption, such as in the case of political prisoner Mumia Abu-Jamal.


@39, My response, posted earlier, to that NYT commenter:

3h ago
Chomsky is often wrong when issuing melodramatic End Times proclamations.

And he brooks no dissent; I have never heard him refute himself. Whenever someone challenges him about past errors he will either deny he ever said it, or launch into ad hominin attacks. Or try to explain it away in terms of semantics--how "Chomsky has chosen to define it" is a good way of putting it.


Few hundred folks gathered near the street, set up their Trump / Pence automagically disappear now chants, and walked toward the inner trail.

Made their way past the basketball courts with naught an acknowledgement before hanging a right, with the elderly forced to get out of their way.

How noble.

Bunch of folks on the beach turn and watch. A couple hundred feet on the inner trail, a right, back to the street.

Don't worry, though, white-collar corporate socialists of America, you all already know you're going to strike it rich one day.

Just like mom and dad.

Looks like I'll be dating a 21 year old redhead once she's out of quarantine. May not even need to fuck the taste out of her mouth.



@39 I saw something the other day where Trump was saying he could send out as many as 75,000 of these goons, which is certainly enough to throw all the big cities into some measure of chaos. Probably enough to interfere with voting in Democratic strongholds - enough to throw the election into chaos. Its a rational scheme - he can't win by normal means, so might as well knock over the table and hope for the best.

But where do 75,000 duly deputized goons come from? Where's the money for that? That's an establishment twice the size of the Coast Guard, or about half the size of the Marine Corps. You'd have to be deluded to think you could put that together in a few weeks, and fund it out of petty cash. So seems like maybe bullshit?

Who knows.



From your fingers to God's ears, Seadawg. I hope Chomsky is very wrong in this case. I hope the military would refuse.

I'm trying to imagine how I will respond if Martial Law were to be imposed or the election canceled. The right wing trolls here have already stated multiple times that their ilk stockpile weapons not to protect themselves from government, but to do harm to their neighbors and fellow citizens.

Strange times, friends.


Didn't The Stranger plan to do more weekend reporting?


They're all fat and demand groupthink.

What's a man to do? File down his canines?


Let me know when you're creating jobs across the country, dealing with all kinds of confidential data, know the capabilities of peoples across the globe, and hand over $20k+ in taxes a year.

Not to mention think and act independently, help people, save lives, etc. etc.

Or maybe you're referring to the "Frank Ocean loves me because Frank Ocean loves women" brand of adulthood.

Have a nice life.


Would you look at the pretty young thing I live with, laying on her back upon the outdoor sill, hip and stomach showing, phone to ear, feet upon a hanging flower pot.

Safe as can be.


Portland proving it is 1000X more capable and prepared to deal with Trump's gestapo than Seattle. Seattle's already been declared a riot. SAD. and so very, very stupid. But by all means continue to disparage what the people of Portland have successfully done for 58 days now.


Why Are [Democratic] Mayors Inviting
Trump’s Federal Agents Into Their Cities?
By Alex S. Vitale; July 24, 2020

The Trump administration’s “anti-crime,” anti-cities agenda goes beyond sending DHS agents to Portland, and some mayors are fine with that.

These initiatives have spurred some protest from officials in Portland and Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner, as well as calls from members of Congress to significantly curtail such interventions.

What has been left out of these conversations is the Trump administration’s existing plan to flood seven cities with additional federal and local police as part of Operation Relentless Pursuit (ORP).

On May 12, the Justice Department began releasing funds to support ORP. Cooked up by Attorney General William Barr in 2019, OPR is intended to be the Trump administration’s signature crime initiative going into the November election.

It calls for the creation of federal-local task forces to combat violence and drugs."

[just in the nick o' Time
for 11/3/2020. now back]:

"Among the law enforcement entities to be included in ORP is the US Marshal’s office, which has been implicated in misconduct in the suppression of the protests in Portland.

Marshals clad in full camouflage combat gear fired a “less than lethal” munition directly at the face of a protester, causing serious injury; have brandished firearms at demonstrators; and have rounded up protesters without probable cause while refusing to identify themselves, state where people are being taken, or even what agency they work for.

This latter tactic of detain-and-release is clearly unconstitutional and smacks of the politically motivated “disappearances” seen in Latin American dictatorships.

More at:

oh, and -- just overheard on NPR
some well-Armed Black men where
asking questions about why one of their
(our) Sisters, who died at the hands of the
... well, you know that Story already.

But the well-Armed part
that's where shit gets Interesting.

Remember how Quickly White America
got the Black Panthers dis-Armed?

Remember all them well-Armed mask-refusenicks at States' Capitols? So do I. Shit might get real reall real Quick. I suggest you Stay tuned.

Oh, and if enough states cannot certify their Presidential Vote counts, the Decision goes to the States/House of Representatives where each state gets a vote and I'm not sure how, but there's mpore Republican states then Democratic.

So there's The Election.
Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.


What Do Portland Protesters Want, and How Have the Police Responded?
Eight weeks after the death of George Floyd, here’s a look at why longstanding protests in the city have recently intensified.

Thousands gathered to protest inequality and racial injustice near the federal courthouse in Portland (see photo in the article)


"The right wing trolls here have already stated multiple times that their ilk stockpile weapons not to protect themselves from government, but to do harm to their neighbors and fellow citizens." --@Lastlight

regaling us with their steamy tales of Manhood and ammosexuality and how we Lib's'll be Begging for Mercy but no, there'll BE NO MERCY.

It's an Emotional Thing.
They're quite Emotional.

Do I have that about right, Nightshade? er Downfall, is it? About the Mercy?


Today's solidarity protest in NYC - crossing the Brooklyn Bridge.

Today’s Brooklyn Bridge protest was the largest that I have seen on the bridge for a few weeks. The Black Lives Matter and Solidarity with Portland protestors made their way across the bridge after an event in Cadman Plaza Park #nycprotest #nycprotests #brooklyn


@46:I’m sure Chase and company will fully report what’s happened today and likely how it gets worse. Based on past coverage it will run Weds and consist of links to others that have reported in real time. The Stranger will then take a victory lap on the “coverage”.

I’m a well past center lefty and even I think Chomsky is a kook.

Stop giving Trump credit for some sort of political 3D chess skills. He and his administration aren’t capable of that. This is a made for media event. This is equal parts vengeance, retribution and distraction. There is a better chance of him dying in office due stress and his comorbidities than becoming a bonafide dictator. You will be seeing another DHS deployment to Seattle.


Apparently, the scumbags at Sinclair Broadlying have decided to pull the anti-Fauci video Though they remain scumbags. And liars.


@59 -- "Stop giving Trump credit for some sort of political 3D chess skills. He and his administration aren’t capable of that."

well, thanks.

I was pretty Worried there
but now I'm Over it.


@62--What drives me nuts is all the "journalists" who keep asking this sociopath if he will "Accept the 2020 election results." It's as though the court which convicted Jeffrey Dahmer inquired "Please sir, pretty please, will you accept your death penalty? PLEASE???? OH, C'MON....


Bingo, @63
trumpfy set up 2020
by Not accepting 2016's 'victory.'

As a Game Player
he may just be
Good Enough
to Take US


Portland right now

Also (all green ones are live streaming right now - cities are listed)

Main page of


Veterans for Peace stream. Thousands out in Portland. The fed goons tend come out after the 11PM news cycle is OVER.


Portland is Not Burning. Portlanders Are Pissed.


Police declare riot at Seattle protests, make arrests


Oh look, someone else to put an old sleeping bag on. Came and joined me in my spot, read a bit, and is now sleeping.

If you guys really want to hook someone up, this -

Foil side up. Things last years.

Fighting the cops is fucking retarded, btw.

That's it. I quit. You have beheld a male cow.


In Portland’s So-Called War Zone, It’s the Troops Who Provide the Menace
If President Trump is actually trying to establish order, he is stunningly incompetent.


Thousands of people gathered in Portland, Oregon, for another night of protests Saturday as demonstrations over George Floyd’s killing and the presence of federal agents sent by President Donald Trump showed no signs of abating


I support BLM and human rights, but vandalism, looting and assault to goad police into retaliation is getting to be a sport for white kids coming in from the suburbs.My empathy is waning.



And then a dude name Christopher walks up, with a nice meth bic gap rotting away between his two front teeth, talks to me for a bit, a few fist pounds, I have no cash, I already gave that dude a sleeping bag, takes a total domination off of me, and no, you can just have a spirit because I don't want a menthol, before proceeding to speak to himself under his breathe for a good minute while rubbing his chin, another fist pound, wanders off.

Hand sanitizer. A decent habit in any time, to be honest.

But, you know. I'm just sitting here making $100 an hour with five grand on my person.

I am not woke enough :[

Fare thee well. Or die in misery. Whatever.


July 26, 2020 1:45AM

Fed goons out on the streets WITH Portland Police. I can't even imagine what these assholes are thinking as they do this every night. Who are the fighting? What do they stand for? What do they believe they are accomplishing? They are just dressed up like soldiers acting like bullies and accomplishing nothing. They are not stopping the protests (more and more people show up every night). What do the believe will happen the longer they stay? The people will show up every single night until they leave.


Hundreds of these fake storm troopers still in the streets.


Dude with an antenna or something walks up and asks for a beer and a charge, I don't have a charge, then walks over to sleeping guy and tries to antenna or something his Nikes away.

Informed someone that I'm strapped for the first time in my life.

This is called collapse.


This is what the disintegration of civil society looks like, you historical revisionists, miscreants and malcontents. Congratulations Strangers! Democrat leadership, please take more rope, this strategy is working.


Toxic masculinity and their extreme self importance dominates the thinking of these bootlickers that criticize anyone fighting back against the thugs/police and fed goons that are attacking people in the cities. It didn’t bother you when Black people were shot and strangled to death by your police members but you are so very upset that anyone would speak/stand up against it. You are just like the nazi punks that my Dad and his friends had to fight in WW11.

Don’t pretend that you don’t admire the kkk and all. Your phony, cowardly bullshit is very well known.
Black Lives Matter!!


73 And you are a damned liar.


Stupid only begins to describe these assholes/bootlickers.


42 Andy Ngo is a little neonazi/proudboy supporter who writes far right bullshit. You neglected to inform us of that. He tried to sue antifa when they doused him with a milkshake. He is such a pathetic loser.


72 You expect us to believe you support BLM?

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