The painter Anthony White will have work shown in the Seattle Deconstructed Art Fair.
The painter Anthony White will have work shown in the Seattle Deconstructed Art Fair. He's repped by Greg Kucera Gallery. PHOTO BY JAMES HARNOIS

There will be a do-it-yourself version of the Seattle Art Fair next month: "40 local galleries, 18 of them in Pioneer Square, have banded together to create the Seattle Deconstructed Art Fair, a DIY version of the summer’s major art event," Brendan Kiley reports in the Seattle Times. Galleries will each host their own show in their own space in August, but there's also a website that will bring the Seattle Deconstructed Air Fair together. The idea came out of conversations between gallerists Greg Kucera and John Braseth.

"A 17-year-old boy was killed and three people were injured": In a shooting last night in Federal Way.

Plane lands without landing gear out: At Renton Airport. Everyone's fine.

Native groups and tribal leaders: Condemn "intimidation acts" in the form of graffiti and noise at Seattle City Council member Debra Juarez's house. My personal opinion? Hassle elected leaders at City Hall and in public appearances all you want, but leave their private residences (and their family members) out of it.

That water is cold, kids.
That water is cold. You've been warned. Photo by Christopher Frizzelle

Be careful jumping into the cold water on hot days: First responders point out "water temperatures in the Puget Sound are 52 to 56 degrees, and river temperatures are even colder, with fast moving waters that can sweep people away. The cold water temperatures can also cause people to be unable to move their muscles and get back to shore."

Twitter limits Donald Jr.'s account: After he "tweeted a video that ran afoul of the company's policies on Covid-19 misinformation," according to CNN.

Wait, so what was in that video? "The video, published by the right-wing media outlet Breitbart News, featured a group of people wearing white lab coats calling themselves 'America's Frontline Doctors'... A speaker who identifies herself as a doctor makes a number of dubious claims, including that 'you don't need masks' to prevent spread of the coronavirus," before hyping hydroxychloroquine as a cure. (It's not a cure.)

Ever notice how right-wingers are unbelievably selfish? Take it away, Paul Krugman.

House Judiciary Chair Jerry Nadler was involved in a car accident: On his way to Bill Barr's hearing today. But it sounds like everyone's fine. The hearing is now underway.

North Korea's dictator says they have nukes: "With our reliable and effective self-defensive nuclear deterrent, there will be no more war on this earth, and our country's safety and future will be secured forever," the man Trump wrote a love letter to, Kim Jong Un, said yesterday.

Love Slog AM/PM?

People who care about the old Deadspin: Will probably care a lot about the new sports website Defector, which launches next month and is created by 18 staffers who quit Deadspin last year.

Did you hear? The theater event of the summer is back! From the opening number that’s a Les Misérables song with lyrics rewritten to be about defunding the police, to a brilliant Sondheim cover, to a demonstration of AMSR before one performer sings a favorite pop song, Gay Misérables is a show like you’ve never seen before.

You can get your ticket here.
Do you realize how sickening this lineup is? You can get your ticket here.

Emmy nominations will be announced: This morning at 8:30 am, right after this post gets published! We will be cheering like mad if Lynn Shelton gets nominated.