Freddie Mercury at the 1992 Barcelona Olympics



That was a great race, but in my opinion, not the greatest Women's 4 X 100 relay race. That honor goes to the one four years earlier: For me, it is one of the most memorable races of all time, even though I forget which year it was. That was Flo-Jo's Olympics. Florence Griffith Joyner won the 100 and 200 meters, beating out her older and more experienced teammate Evelyn Ashford. All focus was on Joyner, but it was Ashford who ran the anchor leg -- considered by many to be the greatest anchor leg every ran. It still gives me chills to watch it, years later (even though I know what's going to happen).

I would have added this comment with the 1988 Olympic article you wrote, but I'm afraid as the years go on, it gets a little harder to connect the event with the Olympic. But I'll always remember that race and now I can show it to my grandkids :)


I love that album! So glad he got to make it with her before he died.