You have until 8:00 p.m. today to drop this bad boy in a mailbox or a dropbox.
You have until 8:00 p.m. today to drop this bad boy in a dropbox or get it postmarked. RS

HAPPY ELECTION DAY: Today is the last day to vote in Washington's 2020 primary election. If you haven't voted yet, then do yourself a favor and read our endorsements, fill out your ballot accordingly, and drop that puppy in the mail or in a conveniently located dropbox TODAY before the 8:00 p.m. deadline. No need to worry about postage, but if you're mailing then mail early because it's hard to know when they'll postmark it if you're not dropping it off at the post office! Don't have a ballot or an envelope for some reason? Print one out. Not registered to vote? There's still time.

Some narratives the SECB plans to follow: Will progressive statehouse challengers overcome entrenched incumbents, or will the incumbents continue to dominate as they have in other states? Will Democrats have a good chance of expanding their large majority in the State House with EVEN MORE useless moderates from the 'burbs? Will Republicans maintain their stranglehold on the Secretary of State's office? Will the moderate POC candidates in Washington's 10th Congressional District beat out the white progressives? Will Marko Liias save Denny Heck's marriage by establishing a large lead? And which Republican dingbat will emerge from the crowded field of Republican dingbats to face off against Gov. Inslee in the race to waste a lot of Republican donor money????

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Find out on Slog this evening: Your faithful SECB members will be lighting up fat spliffs, writing up the bleak offerings at a handful of weird election night Zoom parties (if we get around to it), and typing up the results of the pandemic primary. The results normally roll in between 8:00 p.m. and 8:30 p.m.

Arizona, Kansas, Michigan, and my ol' home state of Missouri also have primaries today. Politico has a good list of races to watch, though it basically boils down to: Will Kansas Republicans risk losing a senate seat just to nominate Kris Kobach? And will Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib hold her own against a strong primary challenger?

Lol, watch the President try to read a graph:

The interview with Axios' Jonathan Swan contains a number of other doozies: Like when Trump wouldn't say whether he thought the late Congressman John Lewis was "impressive," and when he reiterated his well-wishes toward Ghislaine Maxwell, Jeffrey Epstein’s alleged longtime honeypot, who was charged in early July with four felony sex trafficking charges. Here's the full exchange:

"Polls and Republican leaders" say the President's lies about mail-in voting are backfiring: Forgive the cliche, but you truly do love to see it, via the Washington Post:

A Monmouth University poll of registered voters in Georgia taken late last month found that 60 percent of Democrats are at least somewhat likely to vote by mail this fall, compared with 28 percent of Republicans.

Glen Bolger, a pollster with the Republican firm Public Opinion Strategies, said that in one swing state he declined to identify, only 15 percent of voters planning to cast ballots by mail were Trump supporters. “Republicans are skeptical about voting by mail, and that’s a problem up and down the ballot,” he said.

Similarly, an analysis of current absentee ballot requests in North Carolina shows that Democrats have vastly outpaced Republicans, even though roughly the same numbers of Republicans and Democrats voted by mail four years ago.

Whoa, it actually works: "3 men rescued from Pacific island after writing SOS in sand," reports the Associated Press. Rescuers spotted their distress signal from an aircraft.

Um? Limited info on this explosion in Beirut at the moment, though some media report a fireworks mishap:

Isaias hits the Carolinas: The tropical storm was upgraded to a Category 1 hurricane Monday night as high winds and a storm surge slammed into South Carolina and North Carolina, according to the Associated Press. Now it's a tropical storm again. Winds and heavy rains still threaten half the east coast, from South Carolina to Maine.

The Philippines has to lock it down, again: After easing restrictions in June, infections quintupled, hospitals were overrun, and the government was forced to impose a strict two-week lockdown again, reports the BBC.

The FDA's list of dangerous or ineffective hand sanitizers tops 100: The agency updated its list to include hand sanitizers that contain less than 60% "ethyl alcohol or isopropyl alcohol," which ain't gonna cut it, according to CNN.

Rural areas are vulnerable to the virus: As the virus surges in the midwest, a new study shows that "more than half of all rural low-income communities in the U.S. have zero ICU beds," reports Politico. Hospitals in these areas must "rely on transfers to wealthier communities for their sickest coronavirus patients."

Aussie "sovereign citizen" attacks cop after refusing to wear mask:

Read Ed Yong on "How the Pandemic Defeated America:" In the Atlantic. (Alternatively, read the first half of it and then keep the tab open all week, as I plan to do.)

ICYMI the Census Bureau is cutting door-knocking efforts short by a month: Though the Trump administration can't wait to shove a bunch of kids into overcrowded schoolrooms, his Census Bureau is closing up shop early. They'll stop counting people via door-knocking on Sept. 30 rather than Oct. 31, according to NPR. This boring little detail will end up having a massive impact on the lives of millions, as a low count will lead to fewer federal financial resources going to cities across the country.

herbold.PNGLot of people named "Smith" on this stream.

Seattle Evening Marchers talked with Councilmember Lisa Herbold last night: Herbold sat on the curb to speak with 100 or so protesters, who'd last popped by for a chat a little over a week ago. She explained the council's JumpStart Seattle spending plan and Mayor Durkan's decision to veto it, and she also explained the limits of the legislative department's powers. "We can move money around, but we can't make the mayor spend it," Herbold said. "We can't?" one of the protesters said. "Well, y'all can!" Herbold said, laughing.

They also asked if Herbold wanted to Dump Durkan: "If it gets on the ballot I support the will of the people to make that decision. She's up for re-election, though, and...I just feel like it's going to drain a lot of our energy away from the things we want to do," Herbold said. A protester argued that they've already been expending their energy, and they had plenty of it left. Herbold promised to arrange a meeting between the evening protesters and the mayor—I'd imagine in a less residential setting. The protesters also referred to Durkan as "Durkee," lmao.

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More than 86,000 fake unemployment claims: The state says criminals filed and the state inadvertently paid unemployment benefits on 86,449 false claims, reports the Seattle Times. Fraudsters ended up stealing $576 million, of which $340 million was recovered. The crooks also tested the system with relatively small numbers of false claims as early as March, before ultimately going in for the big haul in May.

“Priced out of their civil rights:” Protesters say their rights are being violated by having to buy “helmets, gas masks, protective clothing, goggles, gloves, boots, umbrellas and other gear they say are needed to fend off police pepper spray, less-lethal projectiles and other crowd-dispersal tools,” the Seattle Times’ Mike Carter writes.

Poop beaches: Goose poop is to blame for six beach closures on Lake Washington, according to the Seattle Times.

“Ballard Opera Man” pauses performance: From MyBallard: “Stephen Wall, aka Ballard Opera Man, has been drawing crowds to his front lawn since April. But now, the show won’t go on: Wall announced on Facebook that he’s pausing his performances, observing Gov. Jay Inslee’s requirement that live entertainment be postponed as the state experiences another surge in COVID-19 cases.”

A BIRD BREAK: From the West Seattle Blog: A bald eagle, an osprey, and a great blue heron spotted in West Seattle.

Tacoma Public Schools getting phished: Never trust an email with the subject line “Need Information.”

ICYMI: “Bizarre scene at Issaquah Costco…” “Issaquah Police say a truck drove into the front of the Costco around 6:30 a.m. Sunday. Shots were fired and the glass jewelry case was hit,” KOMO reports. “Police say items were taken, it is unknown at this time what the suspects stole. Employees were inside the store at the time and police say one employee was told to leave at gunpoint by one of the suspects.”

Have you been waiting for a new ‘minuscule’ clue in the DB Cooper case???? King 5 thought so.

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