EXCUSE ME, theres a PANDEMIC going ON here.
EXCUSE ME, there's a PANDEMIC going ON here. Henrik Sorensen/Getty Images

The cracked West Seattle Bridge is the cherry on top: Of this year of cataclysms. The city is facing an impossible task of filling budgetary holes from the COVID-19 pandemic and having to figure out where millions of extra dollars are going to come from so that West Seattle doesn't become (more of) an island. The immediate solution is for the city to borrow against itself with a $70 million interfund loan. Then, the Seattle Department of Transportation, according to Mike Lindblom at the Seattle Times, "needs to borrow $100 million through a bond sale, followed by another internal loan." Which boils down to a receipt of between $160 million and $225 through 2021. That's the cost before a new bridge is even built.


Australia has invented "Shazam for spiders": Critterpedia is a machine learning app that will tell users the species of spiders and snakes. Finally!

BREAKING: New York's attorney general has filed a lawsuit to dissolve the National Rifle Association.

Seattle Police Department can still use less-lethal weapons: A U.S. District Judge in Seattle ruled. The temporary restraining order (which was recommended by the Department of Justice) against the Seattle City Council's ordinance that would ban the use of methods like pepper spray, rubber bullets, and tear gas will be extended until September 18. In that time period, the court will review whether the council's new rule goes against police reforms outlined in the federal consent decree. The argument is that without those less-lethal weapons, cops won't know how to stop people besides probably killing them which seems like a way bigger problem in and of itself.

Your favorite weather man: Just compared the Seattle protests to Kristallnacht. Cliff Mass, who should probably stick to the weather (even though he's a bit of an anthropogenic climate change truther so maybe that's not for him either), decided to make a bit of political commentary last night by really hammering home how much people in this city care about "broken glass" than people's lives.

People are still losing jobs: Around 1.2 million Americans applied for unemployment last week. That's after the $600 a week unemployment benefits ended.

The good weather people are telling us that it's going to rain:

Things are bleak in Beirut: After Tuesday's huge blast of 2,750 ton ammonium nitrate stockpile at the city's port, the death toll has risen to at least 137 and over 5,000 people are injured. Doctors described the aftermath as "apocalyptic" and like nothing they had ever seen. Beirut citizens have lived with war for years. Medical supplies may run out. On top of all of this is the threat of the coronavirus.

Our country was built for the wealthy: "Governor DeSantis admits Florida’s unemployment system was designed to not pay out claims"

What to do about those big LA house parties? Some Los Angeles residents are choosing to ignore COVID-19 restrictions by still hosting blow out house parties. Los Angeles lawmakers are fed up. City councilman David Ryu introduced a motion that would "increase penalties" for property owners in violation of these orders. Mayor Eric Garcetti said that starting Friday, the Department of Water and Power can shut off utilities (you know, water and power) at households hosting parties.

Charlie Kaufman's new movie is coming out in September:

What are the teens doing now? Let's check in on them. Hm. Well. Seems that at least three of them are getting arrested with an AK-47 at Trump's Mar-a-Lago mansion. They were parked two miles away from the resort and fled when police came to inspect their car. They ran into Mar-a-Lago and dumped the gun along the way. They were arrested. Trump wasn't there.

Facebook removed a misleading Trump campaign post: Where Trump claimed that children were immune to the coronavirus. Which, as we all should know, isn't true. So that's the line for Facebook. Twitter took the video down and restricted the campaign's tweeting abilities for a short period.

Take a look inside Trump's effort to win over Black voters in Texas: A Black reporter goes to an event in Waco, Texas called “Black Voices for Trump.” She is one of the two Black people who went. That exemplifies Trump's attempts to win over more diverse voters despite his racist rhetoric. More here.

I mean, they're not wrong...:

Rand Paul is throwing a tantrum about helping the American people: Has the Senate figured out the next COVID-19 relief bill? Great question. Obviously not. At least 20 Republicans are refusing to vote for any relief bill whatsoever. Democrats are trying to get a relief package at least in line with what was passed in March ($3.4 trillion). Sen. Rand Paul sneered that his Republican colleagues were going to cost the GOP the election by spending anymore and that they should "apologize now to President Obama for complaining he was spending and borrowing too much. He was a piker compared to their borrowing and what they're doing now."

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A human sacrifice: Barnsley bugler vows to 'play until there are no more deaths'

Hiroshima is marking the 75th anniversary of the atomic bombing today:

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