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Cliff Mass got the boot from KNKX: The NPR affiliate said they would not continue to air his weather program, effective immediately, after he compared Seattle's protests to Kristallnacht on his personal blog earlier this week. "We abhor the comparison and find it sensationalized and misleading — it does not reflect who we are and what we stand for at KNKX," they wrote in a statement.

New York is pushing it: Gov. Cuomo believes New York state's transmission rate is low enough that public schools can re-open for in-person learning this fall. “All schools can open,” Mr. Cuomo said this morning at a news conference. “If anyone can open schools, we can open schools," adding, "we have the best infection rate in the country.” It's ultimately up to the state's local districts whether or not to reopen.

And in Seattle, School Board members are pushing for a new option: “We sent you 45 questions last week and we received an answer to none of them,” said Zachary DeWolf, Seattle School Board president, in regards to Seattle Public Schools' plans on reopening. “We continue to be confused.” Dahlia Bazzaz has more for the Seattle Times about the tense negotiations—there's only one week to decide on what to do about remote learning this fall.

Lizzo got dat Bezo$ muNNey: She inked a "first-look deal" with Amazon to develop television projects for Prime Video. Uhh, y'all remember dis?

Meet the SSTAR Program: Washington State Public Health’s Environmental Health Services Division has created the "Safe Start for Taverns and Restaurants" program, also known as the SSTAR program, to "begin educational outreach and enforcement" to ensure taverns and restaurants comply with Washington's Safe Start phases. How long until some freak east of the mountains compares the "SS" in "SSTAR" to that SS? Just shut down indoor dining already.

Molly Baz and Gaby Melian of Bon Appetit's Test Kitchen announced that they, too, will not participate in any BA videos going forward: This comes after three BA staffers pulled out of their video obligations on Thursday, citing the continued lack of equitable pay for chefs of color on the publication's immensely popular YouTube channel.

Rove is leaving Capitol Hill: After protesters targeted the vintage shop late last month because the owner, Rachel McNew, is married to Steven McNew, one of the cops who killed Charleena Lyles in 2017. CHS Blog spoke to Rachel about her decision to GTFO the Hill.

At least four deaths have been tied to methanol-based hand sanitizers in the US: Because people drank them. More from AP:

Health officials reported this week that 15 adults were poisoned in Arizona and New Mexico in May and June after drinking hand sanitizer. Besides the four who died, three had ongoing vision problems, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said.

All had consumed sanitizers containing methanol, or wood alcohol. The active ingredient that kills germs in legitimate sanitizers is ethyl alcohol, which is consumable. But some companies have been replacing it with poisonous methanol, which is used in antifreeze.

More kids are contracting a rare illness connected to COVID-19: The Washington Department of Health says that there are now 11 cases of Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome in Children (MIS-C) in the state. More than 50 percent of the cases are in Latinx children, and most cases are in kids younger than 10.

This is cute: "You got me, Phil."

Protester says she was denied anti-seizure medication by SPD after they wrongfully detained her during the July 25 protests: “I spent hours cuffed, locked up and having seizures while police and jail guards walked past me and ignored me,” protester Samantha Six told the Seattle Times. “I absolutely believed I was going to die.”

The Seattle Kraken gets an announcer: His name is Everett Fitzhugh and he will be the first Black team broadcaster in NHL history. He'll be there for the team's October 2021 (!!!) launch.

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The Stranger's philosopher-in-residence Charles Mudede is releasing a film, baby: It's called Thin Skin and premieres—digitally—next Tuesday at the Bentonville Film Festival. Written by Mudede, Ahamfule Oluo, and former Stranger staffer Lindy West, the Seattle-set movie is based on Oluo's off-Broadway play Now I'm Fine. Peep a clip of the film below and get your tickets here:

Pandemic be damned, invasive goats are still being airlifted out of Olympic National Park: And relocated back to their natural home in the North Cascades. This year marks the end of the two-year project where half of the mountain goats were slated to be removed from the park. The other half, you ask? They are going to kill them.

Something for the weekend: Have you seen Cardi B's new music vid for "WAP" (FEAT. MEGAN THEE STALLION)? It's the #1 trending video on YouTube, although not kid-appropriate. Vulture has called it "hall of fame filth." WAP stands for Wet Ass Pussy, JSYK.