This was the scene on Lake Washington at 6:30 pm last night as divers, rescue swimmers, and response boats looked for an adult male who went underwater and wasnt seen from again.
This was the scene on Lake Washington after 5 pm yesterday as divers and rescue swimmers looked for an adult male who went underwater and wasn't seen again. Seattle Fire Dept

A man disappeared into Lake Washington near Seward Park: Fire and police divers searched for over an hour but unfortunately did not find him. He has not been identified. "This is an unfortunate reminder to always wear a life jacket when swimming in open water," the fire department tweeted.

THE MYSTERY OF IRMA VEP – A Penny Dreadful, playing Feb. 8-26 at Intiman Theatre
Laugh till it hurts at this outrageous camp comedy the NYTimes calls “Wickedly funny!”

Then, unrelated, a few hours later a woman disappeared into Lake Washington, also near Seward Park: At 9:06 pm, the fire department tweeted they were responding to reports of a "missing adult female" in the water, "the second water response in this general area tonight." An hour later, they said they'd "searched for over an hour and were unable to locate the woman who went under."

Condolences: To the families and friends of the missing swimmers.

Jesus freaks ask Jesus to give them COVID, or at least help them spread it around: How else can you describe this scene in Cal Anderson Park yesterday?

"I asked five random people in the crowd where they were from, and they all said Snohomish," The Stranger's Rich Smith tweeted. Later he asked again. "People said they were from Bothell, Tacoma, Federal Way. One said she lives in Spokane, and has been following Feucht on tour."

"You can't stop, you can't stop my joy," one of the songs went (video here). Um, actually, yes, COVID can stop your joy.

Raising your hands in the air is also not an effective way to prevent COVID transmission.
Raising your hands in the air is also not an effective way to prevent COVID transmission. Rich Smith

The largest fraud in Washington state history: This morning the Seattle Times unpacks this spring’s $576 million unemployment fraud scheme. By mid-May, they report, "a staggering 56% of the weekly claims Employment Security Department was paying were from criminals, many of them reportedly overseas."

Armed man in Pierce County killed by officers last night. KIRO reports that after firing shots and holding a knife to someone's throat, the armed man came out and started firing, and a deputy shot him dead.

Bill Gates was asked on CNN yesterday: "How do you explain the fact that the richest country on earth, that spends per capita maybe two to three times as much on health care as all the other rich countries in the world, seems on the bottom of the pile in being able to handle this pandemic?" Here's his answer:

Antonio Banderas has COVID-19: It also happens to be his 60th birthday. "I will take advantage of this isolation to read, write, and rest, and continue making plans to begin to give meaning to my newly released 60 years, to which I arrive loaded with desire and illusion," the actor says.

Cigarettes and COVID-19: "Young adults who smoke have double the risk of getting seriously sick with COVID-19 than do nonsmokers."

Cases among kids are surging: "More than 97,000 children in the US tested positive for coronavirus in the last two weeks of July," CNN reports.

"There's no way. There's just no way," a vaccinologist says about whether there will be a vaccine by election day, as the president has said.

The coronavirus situation in Mexico is dire: "Mexico is battling one of the worst coronavirus outbreaks in the world, with more than 52,000 confirmed deaths," New York Times reports. Because "many Mexicans see the COVID ward as a place where only death awaits... Mexicans are waiting to seek medical care until their cases are so bad that doctors can do little to help them. Thousands are dying before ever seeing the inside of a hospital, government data show, succumbing to the virus in taxis on the way there or in sickbeds at home."

McDonald's sues ousted CEO: For lying about sexual relationships with employees.

Simon Cowell broke his back: Falling off an electric bike.

Speaking of backs: Rich saw an amazing hoodie at Cal Anderson yesterday. He has a full report on the concert, the Christians, and the hoodie right here.