Jess Stein
"It’s Okay to Be Damaged"
Damn, why do you have to be so loud?
Damn, why do you have to be so loud? JK
Not sure if this meant to be patronizing or affirming, but maybe it's both!

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"Dumpster Fire"
Portrait of 2020.
Portrait of 2020. JK
The image that popped up in my brain when the Biden/Harris 2020 campaign was announced yesterday.

"I Still ❤️️ Seattle"
I squealed when I saw this one.
I squealed when I saw this one. JK
Spotted on the same chaotic sign as the "Okay to Be Damaged" sticker, right outside the Co-op. Probably the most optimistic sticker I've seen about Seattle since I started this column. Mark this in your history books, people!

"We Can Do It"
Spotted on the Hill Im pretty sure.
Spotted on the Hill I'm pretty sure. JK
Not sure what community this sticker is trying to speak to (Gays? Bis? Horse girls?), but it can stay!

"Cross of Saint Peter On Washington and Oregon"
Siiiiiiiick. JK
Reversed searched this baby and it's the promo sticker for Northwest Terror Fest, the Pacific Northwest's "premiere destination heavy metal festival." It looks like this year's festival was canceled because of the pandemic, but you can still enjoy the sticker!

"Defund the Police"
An excellent card.
An excellent card. JK
I love the design and subtlety of this one. Can anyone identify the figure on it? Email me if you do!

"Humpback Whale"
A beautiful creature!
A beautiful creature! JK
I spotted this one just after news that Tahlequah the orca was pregnant again. Even though, yes, I know that is NOT an orca, I felt moved! My mom made me watch Whale Rider as a child and I dreamed about whales for years after. I love those sea animals. And if you've never watched Whale Rider, then you must right that wrong immediately.

"Don't Get It Twisted"
Spotted on The Doctors Office.
Spotted on The Doctor's Office. JK
I know it's not a sticker, but I still had to record the message!

"I Am a Broken Heartist"
Spotted outside the Coop.
Spotted outside the Co-op. JK
Another sticker that I walk away from with more questions than answers. What is a heartist? A person who feels things deep in their heart? Or someone who creates from their heart? What does it mean to be a broken one? Love the chaos!

"In My Dreams..."
Spotted on E John Street.
Spotted on E John Street. JK
I've seen a lot of these poetry stickers around and paused for a while on this one. The language sounds pretty, but I think the message misses it for me. My dreams rip my guts out too often for me to romanticize the parts of me that show up in them!

As always, if any of these stickers belong to you, please e-mail me at