Mutual Aid Group Occupies Cal Anderson Shelterhouse to Serve Homeless



"Our mission is to renovate the Shelterhouse to modernize the facilities in adherence with the city's Climate Action Plan"

Why don't they just stick to feeding the homeless and "proactively embracing the social issues that continue to endanger our most vulnerable citizens"? If the building was recently renovated, as the article says, it already meets the Seattle energy code. Besides, it's not their building.


I love the new Seattle model where as long as your intentions are noble you can do whatever you want and also make "demands" to further enable your behavior without worry that the unintended consequences actually cause more harm to the community. Awesome!


If we hadn't maxed out our sales tax capacity we could have a mental health tax. Build mental health facilities and start giving these people the care they need instead of piecemeal stuff like this.

Make no mistake - some of the homeless need to be permanently institutionalized, some of the people with substance abuse issued need to be warehoused. Not in the "One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest" sense, but in a humane way that feeds and shelters them and gives them some dignity. It would probably cost less in the long run than what we are shelling out today, between government and charitable constitutions.


@1 Hey, David from Shoreline. If Seattle bothers you, just stay in Shoreline LMAO. You goofy fuck.

I don't understand why conservatives still bleat in The Stranger comment section. Go peddle that "junkies are taking over Seattle is dying!!!" horseshit somewhere else.



Sounds like these folks are doing both at once. Creating larger community bonds and relationships can definitely help people experiencing hunger and homelessness.


@2, @6: You're making far too much sense again, dear. The Navigation Team's budget had to be totally axed by our City Council, because in every sweep, a large majority of the campers refused the aid we offered. This is a direct and complete violation of our Council's ideology, which absolutely requires our homeless to be considered as hardworking locals who have been priced out of their homes by Eeeebul Amazon. Although substance abuse issues and mental health issues are immediately and completely obvious to anyone who ever interacts in the slightest with our homeless population, they are doubleplus unfacts as far as our Council is concerned.


Breaking and entering, squatting, and demands.


@12 Are you trying to equate a dozen or so people occupying a small shed in a park so they can feed homeless people to the Nazi regime?

Behold, conservative discourse in 2020 everybody. You guys would be funny if you weren't so revolting


Utilizing public space for the public good. Power to the people.


@4, my thoughts exactly. The only legitimate "demand" here is "vacate this property or face arrest." Since when is public property up for grabs to anyone who wants to commandeer it for their own purposes?


@6 I agree that "some of the homeless need to be permanently institutionalized, some of the people with substance abuse issued need to be warehoused." But i disagree with saying it shouldn't be like Cuckoo's Nest.

I think most or our Seattle street denizens could use a good dose of Nurse Ratched.


I was at my buddy's place down by Cal Anderson last night, it was absolute madness. I don't know what the hell was going on but a bunch of people were screaming their lungs out, all sorts of crazy stuff. Just shrieking and hollering. There was some, sounded like an old woman, who just kept screaming "NAZIIIIIS! NAZIIIIIS!" over and over.

This occupation of Cal Anderson by the lifestyle homeless and their political allies has been going on for months now. After SPD swept CHAZ all the anarchist kids stopped living there, but the homeless only briefly left and then came back. It's been a mess ever since and large parts of the park are essentially hostile areas to the community funding this park with our taxpayer dollars. Now their enablers have broken into this community center and turned it into yet another occupation where they're refusing to leave unless their demands are met.

And you know what? It's just going to get worse and worse. The city council just eliminated the nav team, so now you have absolutely no way to remove an encampment. Once they decide to camp somewhere, they can stay there forever. This is the city council you voted for. It will probably be years before Cal Anderson returns to its pre-CHAZ state, if it ever does.

IMO, Cal Anderson is going to become the new Jungle. That's what this group wants, and nobody has the political power to stop them. Enjoy, Sawant voters!


Also want to make note that when I say the homeless "briefly left and then came back", they didn't actually leave, they just moved a block over to camp out in front of Seattle Central. And they had a list of demands that must be met or they'd stay there forever! But once SPD finished cleaning up the mess they'd made in Cal Anderson, they moved back in to make a new one.

Most of these people do this as a lifestyle. A good number of them are former residents of the Jungle, or of similar encampments in Portland or San Francisco (skid row, for instance) who have moved up here since we are now the most tolerant city. None of them is ever going to move into low-income housing or any sort of shelter or tiny house village.

If you literally gave them a free house, they'd be back out on the streets in tents within the month. Why? Because that's their community, that's their lifestyle, that's where all the drugs are. And we as a community have to continually foot the enormous bill for it. The Stranger and the Sawantites it caters to continue to willfully ignore this reality and pretend, in the face of reality, that they're just poor folks who lost their homes to Amazon. It's madness.


Steelmonkey dear, Our David’s fondest wish is to live in Seattle, but he just can’t afford it. So he lives on Aurora, north of 145th, and complains about Seattle.

We need to treat him with therapeutic courtesy.


@14: Hardly. I suggest you go there and see it for yourself.

The Seattle City Council - worse than Trump!


@17 -- 'Zactly!

Frontal lobotomies for ALL!
Get in Line, miscreants.
You're Next.


And Seattle's siege of the CryBullies continues. I guess as long as you're 'woke', you can do whatever you damn well please.

Every tide has its peak and trough, and I can't help but wonder if we're approaching the high-water mark of this particular brand of (for want of a better word) 'Sawantism'.

I think we're close to the point where even Seattle's famously tolerant-to-a-fault progressives are going to tire of the vagrants, filth, graffiti, crime, and the radical activists and would-be Jacobins on the City Council and elsewhere who tell us we have to accept this as the price of our 'privilege'.

When enough of the tax-paying citizens are hurting, things will change, I think.


@18, @19: I lived in Pike-Pine for years before, during, and after construction of Cal Anderson Park. It's sad to see such a neighborhood jewel overflowing with garbage, human waste, and bloody needles, but as you've noted in previous comments, the persons who live near the park voted heavily to re-elect CM Sawant, so I guess they're getting exactly what they voted for.


All the services this group is offering is already offered in shelters throughout town, so what’s their point?


@8 sounds just like a right-winger telling people to "Love it or Leave it".


Mellow dear, there's no need to be insulting. How have I sounded like a Republican? I supported the food bank and advocated for a real, government-funded solution to the mental health and addiction crisis we have in this country. (and it's not just the homeless by the way - look at trump's supporters. There's a lot of mental illness in that group)