Ah, undergraduate hijinks! When I was in student government, way back in the 80’s, our first piece of business was always to vote to ban the US flag at our meetings because it was a “symbol of oppression”

If know that this isn’t has fun, and requires actual work - and maybe even cooperation and compromise - but if these kids really want to do something, repurpose the name “Washington” after an actual resident.

I’m 100% serious about this. Washington (the president) has all sorts of things named after him. He doesn’t need to have a state named after him. Plus, it would make conservative’s heads absolutely explode, and it wouldn’t cost very much.


@2: My head is not exploding, and I agree. I always thought it was an unnecessary naming and wanted 'Cascadia'.


Raindrop dear, you're not that kind of conservative.

I'm thinking of our neighbor in Grand Coulee, who right now is getting his pontoon boat out. It has a huge TRUMP 2020 flag on it (he works for a credit union and his wife is the postmaster. In a town that wouldn't exist if it weren't for FDR)


Good on these students, staff, and faculty working to better their school.


@2 is correct.



Rokay, Rorge...


Eastern WA can have Washington
all to themselfes and we can be
Ecotopia or ...

But on whose teat will they suck if
we give 'em The Boot? Feeling
Sorry for them already...




@8; 10; 12


b. sensiblity?

@14 -- Bingo.


Maybe we can change the name when "liberty" is finally formed, and then immediately collapses, requiring the productives in Western Washington to take it back.


"banner making, chalk art, poetry, and performance that reflects their feelings"- hahhahhhahhhahhaa!!!!! Glad their parents are getting their money's worth. And fuck their feelings.


"What did you learn for my 30k this year, little Nathalie?"
"We learnded to color with chalk, make big signs, and expwress our feewings with dance."


Although a name change for the state's not a bad idea, the tactics of these protestors, and especially their timing, are remarkably ill judged. We have an election imminent that will determine the nation's course for decades. For all the voter suppression being attempted, these protestors are likewise doing their part to undermine what should be clear sailing for Democratic majorities that could begin to fix many of the country's problems. News of desecrating the statue of George Washington will surely be amplified nationally and could have real consequences -- in dissuading moderates against voting for 'radical' Democrats. Not the time to pick a fight with the premiere founding father, kids. Victory this November is paramount... if you know folks involved with this please try to get that through to them. Turn those energies toward increased voter turnout and you will start to see positive change in 2021.


I've suggested this before, but it bears repeating: Both the state and the university should be renamed for George Washington, the Black former slave who founded Centralia and who is arguably the single most important African American in state history. That would mean replacing this statue with one of him (as well as the portrait on the state flag).


What idiots, who are engaged in a complete and utter nonsensical 'protest'. Washington was a great man and accomplished more in a day than anyone of these 'protestors' will ever accomplish in their entire miserable hate filled lives.

I suggest these folks read a book, a real book, about the life and times of George Washington. I recommend 'George Washington, A Life' by Chenow.


@24 Yes, President Washington's legacy is complex and not entirely negative, I agree, but what did he ever have to do with Washington State? Seriously, now. He never visited this territory and it didn't become a state until nearly a century after he lived. The nation's capital is named for him and he's on the dollar bill. That's plenty of adulation for any one person. He doesn't need to be memorialized at a university 3,000 miles away. Take it down.


MarciaX dear, that’s exactly what I proposed in comment #2!

And if our resident conservatives weren’t so reactionary, they’d realize that renaming the state after the Black George Washington is actually a tribute to the first George Washington. The fact that a black man could come out west as a free man, and be a founder of a new community in a new state aligns with the vision of the founders.

Plus, we’d be able to get rid of those ugly highway signs and get a much snazzier flag.


@28: Your excellent suggestion follows in our tradition of re-naming King County from Rufus King to Martin Luther King. We could replace the statue of slave-owning Washington with one of former slave Washington -- and maybe have it facing in the direction of Centralia?

@29: Re-naming it for the former slave Washington is a great -- and greatly relevant -- idea. Like our re-naming of King County, it allows us to keep the name whilst altering the meaning.


Our Dear Downfall is just terrified of any kind of change. That's the way conservatives are. I blame their parents. Being raised in an unstable environment does awful things to children, and Republicans are known for alcoholism and anger management issues. Happy Hours start at about 9am in most Republican homes and lasts until passing-out time.


Downfall dear, denial is its own drug. You need to let go and let God.


@21 no ❤️

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