Seattle Could Get E-Scooters... If Alex Pedersen Doesn't Fuck This Up



I guess people immediately forgot the blight of the Segway that thankfully died.

eScooters are an idiotic blight for idiots by idiots.

They serve no purpose, fill no meaningful niche, except as an utter waste of resources: They are a waste of municipal money in time when we need budget to save people's lives; they are waste of time to manage and police; a frivolous waste of precious strategic minerals and an environmental nightmare.

Nearly every city (that isn't a fucking tourist trap) that has implemented them has immediately faced backlash and proposed bans.


but why though


Nathalie will you please finally tell us what is wrong with your feet. It's getting weird.


"Me texting the girls about e-scooters coming to Seattle." ...but you have a helmet handy to clamp onto your stylish coif before you press zooom on the bike, yes? Because, at a nominal top speed of 20mph (not even allowing for downhill in hilly Seattle) you'd spend the rest of your days being spoon-fed protein infused farina if you hit a bump/pothole and flew over those handlebars without your helmet. So please, don't "fuck this up" and not wear a helmet.


Last mile. Fucking walk


Ha ha, I'm in Portland and they're fine. I don't even use them, but also haven't been inconvenienced by them in any way for years. I'd suggest limiting it to one or two at most companies, as it was pretty annoying when we were in the pilot phase with 3 or 4 companies and they were littering the streets like a 17 year locust plague. But we're down to one or two now and I barely notice them.


@1- "They serve no purpose, fill no meaningful niche, except as an utter waste of resources"- pretty harsh but spot on critique of the stranger and it's sycophants.


Kill them, Alex. Send the urbanist cult into fits of apoplexy and win re-election for life.


@7 and yet here you are. Day after day.

Tell me. You figure out if you have DOWN SYNDROME, or the non-existent "DOWNS" SYNDROME yet?

Because there is a great special clinic at the UW if you need it.



@9- you're still whinging about that? Much like your parents, I've admitted my mistake and moved on.


Chinese and Africans are being exploited by this new need for bigger stronger batteries (yeah,I know we all have phones but do we need this too to do more explotation?) and the rape of the land and water for rare elements just for Capitalist greed and just to make big bucks that (let's be fair) does nothing that makes a significant difference in moving people?


Whoa. So a Spin Doctor for a ride share says their emprirical data shows a city that doesn;t have their scooters, needs them. Ummm, okay. Sounds legit.


@10. Hahaha. No. It’s too hilarious. I mean come on. You swung your tiny dick and said the stupidest shit ever. Loud and proud.

And I never saw any admission.

Funny how all you dipshits always demand to “move on” when you’re busted being typical dumb fucks. But you don’t give that latitude to anyone else. You expect everyone else to just forget the stupid shit you say every day. That’s not how it works, Trollflake.

So fuck you. I’m going ride that hilarious shit every time I see your idiotic handle.


@9: It is both called Down Syndrome and Down's syndrome.

I think all Francis did was miss the apostrophe. There was no need for him to apologize.

What a childish thing to do prof. Hanging your hat on a typo like that. You owe Francis and apology.


Free range scooters are great objects to break windows with.


@16 Shut up. It wasn't a typo you mewling pustule.

He said and I quote:
"Down Syndrome clinic"? It's Downs Syndrome, and there are no "clinics", you pathetic fuck."
Francis7 on August 11, 2020 at 6:48 PM

Yes. To you I'm sure the sort of idiotic intentional smugness is a typo, since you too can never admit when you're stupid as fuck.

HAHAHA. He did his best Comic Book guy "well actually" and thought he was gonna really score a rhetorical coup! It's just another hilarious example of how stupid you trolls are. One of thousands. Dunning–Kruger in full effect.

It IS "Down" Syndrome. And there ARE clinics that specialize in it. I mean five seconds of googling is all it takes! And he's also lying.

AND He never admitted he made that shit up like a moron. So. Not only is he stupid as fuck, and smug, he's liar. And instead of being circumspect and apologetic and admitting it was an exceptionally stupid thing to say, he doubles down and lies about it.

Just like your lie about Jenny Durkan ordering the abandonment of the East Precinct. I guess that was a "typo," too.


My brother in Santa Barbara used to make lots of extra cash by recovering, charging, and returning e-scooters. Even though some kids stole some of them at 5 am before he'd finished charging them on occasion.

We need dockable escooters that stop charging you for use when returned to a geofenced location, to keep them off the sidewalks, actually. Anything less is chaos.


@16 is correct.


@23. No. He's not. Because it wasn't a typo. Francisfuckface made an absolute declarative as a correction to me. He didn't say "it's also called."

Raindipshit merely wants to muddy everything so he doesn't look as stupid as he is consistently.


You know what the problem with e-scooters is? If we get them in this town, I will destroy them. Everyone I come across I will destroy. If there is someone on it, they will be destroyed too. BE WARNED!!! I will destroy them all, and I will be doing human kind a favor.


The real story here is why the professor feels so obsessed to dig in over the silliest of things.


Scooters are popular here in Minneapolis. I like it as long as we all stay off the sidewalks. I think this is our third year with them.