“This entire fiasco is to stop people who want to build the wall.”

I guess Bannon wants to keep this grift going. Can't say that I blame him, Trump supporters are dumb enough to believe ANYTHING. But when you have absolutely no scruples and incapable of feeling shame, the world of dumb rednecks is your oyster.

I'm going to keep in mind the image of a squad of tactical gear-equipped postal workers (still in their blue T-shirts-and-shorts uniforms beneath the body armor) ready for deployment from the black helicopter just over the horizon, just waiting for the go order to pick him up again.


So Suzie Burke was the enabling angel who made Fremont Peak Park happen?
I'm gob-smacked.
And Toby Thaler is being characterized as an agent of elitism and privilege? Double gob-smacked.
In Fremont circa 1990, Toby was the uber-progressive while Suzie was the arch-Republican private-property poster girl, all inherited money and privilege.
I suspect both retain some fidelity to their earlier identities, but the world has changed around them so greatly they are almost unrecognizable.


I lived just a few blocks from that park, and it used to be chill. But the people living in that area now are in million dollar homes, and you know as well as I do what that means.


Hey Jasmyne & Chase,
Thanks for the tip regarding Fremont Peak Park. Went there this afternoon. A Lovely small space. Like the sundial. Charming. But, the view was awesome. Took some pics. I shall return.


But I acknowledge my racism, which means I'm not racist, but I said 'racist' which means I really am.....oh crap never mind!


@12 -- "And i will advice any of you who needed help about this deadly virus or you want to boost your immune system against COVID-19, contact Dr'Water ... "

Gosh, going after the Gullible
in a time of Pandemic:

Is that LEGAL?

Remember, republicans read this rag, too.

Whatchya say, Stranger?


Seth Meyers called Bannon a baked potato Fabio.


Toby Thaler can eat . . .


At least we can all start a go fund me claiming our democrat parents refuse to pay for school because we joined the college republicans. That shit is a tried and true grift that never stops giving. Easy money. And they say zoomers lack ingenuity and drive.


Can't wait to check out Fremont Peak Park for some day drinking and smoking.



Gosh -- that's a LOT
of gas to siphon 'twixt
here and OKlahoma. I
hope she has enough kids.

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