Enjoy Collide-O-Scopes newest, sexiest show on StreamLocal this Monday night!
Enjoy Collide-O-Scope's newest, sexiest show on StreamLocal this Monday night! Shane Wahlund

Envisioned, crafted, and hosted by Shane Wahlund and Michael Anderson, Collide-O-Scope is the needle drug of video collages. Each iteration is a curated cornucopia of found footage that runs the gamut of nasty to lush, thrilling to chilling, and themed according to whichever holiday season, phase of chaos, or flight of fancy the world was passing through at the time of construction. For years, Collide-O-Scope held court at Re-bar and Central Cinema, allowing viewers a biweekly opportunity to relax into a world of pure imagination accessorized with free movie popcorn and Red Vines.

Now that so much of the publicly accessible world has been closed to us, Collide-O-Scope has moved online to The Stranger’s streaming platform, StreamLocal. Ever since June, a new digital Collide-O-Scope has dropped every second and fourth Monday, and we have gathered each episode for you here, so that you may enjoy psychotic gay video history in the privacy of your own home. This gift to us all coincides with this Monday’s drop of Michael and Shane’s latest creation, “Big Sexy Show,” that will be sure to moisten up your quarantine.

So load a bowl, grab some snacks, take a break from your unemployment filing/frantic reorganizing/scream-crying, and enjoy some beautiful and terrible delights courtesy of our favorite mashup duo.