Sounds totally on the up and up, yep, absolutely.


Nice job, Natalie!


Minor correction. The 1975 attempted recall of Seattle Mayor Wes Uhlman was defeated by the voters, not the courts. Recall was rejected by about 63% of voters (I was one of them...)


@3: ....yapped Muffy, the reigning Queen of Pearl Clutching Train Wrecks. And yet you continue to read The Stranger, don't you?

@4: You live in Shoreline because you hate Seattle. We get it already.
You need a new act, Doofy. Maybe you could get a job shoveling the elephant shit when Trumpty Dumpty gets its fat, corrupt ass officially hauled by garbage truck out of the White Trash House, kicking and screaming. Don't forget to wear a mask.


"Regurgitated." Nice and subtle. "Repeats" isn't nearly as fun.

I like Durkan just fine. She's never going to make the extremes of either political mindset happy, though.

Can you blame anyone for not wanting their identity to be attributed to a recall campaign (or initiative, petition, etc) in our doxxing culture? Sawant's more fervent acolytes might think it's OK to march to a list of addresses and spraypaint streets in front of recall supporters' homes. Times are extremely weird...if someone can buy themselves a little peace/safety for $24 and still support a political cause they care about, I suspect that would appeal to a good number of people.


The real story here is the cinema choosing to part ways with a long time supporter over this. Either they severed times with him because they didn't like his political stance or they feared becoming a target of the "protestors" and choose to minimize their liability rather than risk having their livelihood taken away from them in a literal puff of smoke. So they are either bigots or cowards but in either case it's another victory for the mob and another loss for the those who promote civil discourse.


As the author of this post seems to have no interest in how our recall process actually works, and what it requires, here's SCC Insight describing how it applies to the attempted recall of Mayor Durkan:

I believe the same process would apply to a recall of CM Sawant.


It's all of Jenny Durkan's donors in the suburbs - they hates Sawant, yes they does, precious!


Sawant has the full support of actual District 3 voters, despite the whining from the animal cages. Ernie Lou's $25 threshold ensures that he'll be swimming in donuts while he tries to find some other 2 week temp job.


You would also ask for small donations if you wanted to depress the mean average that you report to the media despite most of your money coming from a handful of large donations.


@9: Not only that, she's unbalanced as well.


Change We Need!!!

This is GREAT news. Thank you!


Glad to know 48% of district 3 voters aren't real people in your opinion. That's quite progressive of you.


@19: He's getting a little ahead of himself, isn't he? Flat-out describing almost half the district's electorate (and, therefore, a large majority of the district's actual residents) as inhabitants of "animal cages" seems a bit premature, given there's been no 'mass re-education' infrastructure actually built yet (that we know about...). But, hey, a Sawant supporter sure can dream big, now can't he?


This is Bellevue residents trying to shut down Seattle's elected officials! This is the maga elitists trying to take over Seattle! Seattle says fu trumpets. Get the hell outta here!


it's about time! We all know she lost re-election by 9 points and due to corruption managed to find a magic bag with enough votes to win. She's been a cancerous tumor killing Seattle ever since she bribed short-term-thinking-impulse voters with the $15 min/wage


@wilbur@work she may have the black support in Central "Africatown", but after the CHAZ incident she allowed in her district and the torching of businesses, I'm sure support has dropped. Now that you mention her district, it'd probably be worth investigating if businesses were intentionally targeted for reasons that would benefit her directly.


Sawant is rabid and has no sense of leadership, love, empathy. she needs to leave. go on solitary retreat and from real leaders such as John Lewis. She voluntarily ambitious. we don't need her. off you go Sawant.


Rage. Don't connect. repeat.


Thanks for letting me know. I just donated and will encourage everybody I know to do the same. Eat a dick, #12

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