A Youth-Led Protest Shut Down the Ballard Bridge Wednesday Morning



Poor privileged assholes, what an inconvenience, 8 minutes and 46 seconds stuck in traffic. Imagine that 8 minutes and 46 seconds with a cop on your neck, murdering you. Boo Hoo. Society needs to be disrupted continuously and in every possible way until Black Lives Matter and cops who kill are imprisoned for life EVERY SINGLE TIME.


And if an ambulance with a heart patient was trying to get through, who cares, right?


Yes indeed; nothing wins people over to your cause like tying up traffic and denying others the right to go about their business.

"We killed it"? These self-absorbed meatheads need to get out of their echo chamber. Why do you morons think City Council President Gonzalez is seeking a 'reset' of relations with Mayor Durkan? Why do you think Mayor Durkan's recall campaign has raised a piddling sum, and the Recall Kshama Sawant campaign has raised multiples more?

While you little cretins are engaging in your tantrums, the rest of Seattle is writing letters to their CMs and being heard. THIS is why the Clowncil is walking back their idiotic promises to you dinkwits; they know that you're too fucking stupid (and usually high) to vote.


@1 Yeah, I mean, who cares if people die while waiting for an ambulance or a first responder? And all of you losers trying to get to the hospital to get to your surgery or your chemo appointment on time? Privileged jerks. Go without like everyone else.


Speaking of privileged jerks killing heart patients, the Ballard Bridge is a drawbridge. It opens for rich dudes with giant boats all the time.


Raindrop dear, What if the bridge were up for eight minutes and forty-six seconds to allow some wealthy person’s yacht to pass? No one would give it a second thought, as it happens all the time (and it would probably repeat at Fremont, University, and Montlake).

That’s one of the many reasons why we have Swedish Ballard, UW medicine and NW hospital north of the ship canal, and the many fine facilities of “Pill Hill” on the south.


You kids better settle down or Mr. B will turn on the sprinklers and then you'll be sorry.


@7: Logical question, however when it's acting as a drawbridge drivers know about how long it will take by seeing the bridge going up and down. In this case, drivers have no idea how long the interruption will be - so that's the BIG difference. For all they know, it could have been mechanical failure lasting hours.


Blocking innocent people just trying to get to work doesn't do your cause any good. It just pisses people off. Fuck the protestors. I've had enough. Send in the cops with the big nightsticks and break a few bones.



Noone suggested the commuters were racist you stupid fuck.


I'm sure everyone waiting was eager to learn the reason of the protest. And everyone hearing about it in the news are making signs as we speak.


I live next to the Ballard Bridge. An 8 minute wait is next to nothing on a summer day. I feel for the sailboat traffic though where 2 people in a 20 foot boat get to tie up traffic on a summer's day excursion for hundreds of cars "going about their business".


God bless America! Protest is one of the foundations of this country.


"We're here to remind council members that they work for us," Ewing said, "Like, 'Hey, do you remember what your job is? You're supposed to listen to us.'"

That is exactly the point of EVERYONE who lives in Seattle, not just the protesters. Strauss made the mistake of ignoring the rest of his constituents when he spent time hanging out with the every day marchers this past summer. Seven people should not get to make momentous decisions for a city of over 750,000 people because of one one loud group of bullies.


@16 you are showing your age. Social media wise it was a huge success. Like I said, you wait that long for a single sailboat on your way to Fred Meyer. It was over and done with within their allotted time they gave themselves. Sorry, bud. Being used to tie ups on that bridge this was no big deal. But look on the bright side, if you were in command of the bridge you could have pushed the button and dumped them all off and gotten charged with your right wing premeditated murder. You could have become your very own Stephen Paddock and lived to brag about it for the rest of your days.


I live in West Seattle, we don't go to Ballard anymore.


@23, I'm crushed.


I'm willing to split the difference - you get to block thoroughfares for a while (we can quibble about how long, but I'd say 1 hour max and 2 hours in extraordinary circumstances), but when the time comes to move expect to be moved. No matter how good your cause is, you don't get to block public rights-of-way indefinitely as a matter of law, ethics, and - most importantly - tactics that work toward that cause in a long-term way.


This is hilarious.

When I first heard that some protesters had hung an anti-Dan Strauss sign from the Ballard Bridge I figured it was some old-time Ballard residents sick of the do-nothing mini-Mike O'Brien.

DAN STRAUSS YOU ARE GUILTY TOO of completely ignoring bicycle chop shops set up in tents along Shilshole, ignoring mobile meth lab RV's parked along Leary, and ignoring the open-air heroin shooting gallery that Ballard Commons has turned into.

These activists are correct the Dan Strauss has forgotten who he works for. He works for his constituents in the 6th District who are tired of Ballard being turned into hobo-central.


@22 I live in Ballard. I was in West Seattle today. Lovely place. The commute is fun and invigorating. I hardly ever get stuck in traffic. But then again, i ride a bicycle like a responsible citizen.

and @25 almost every slowdown and traffic jam on the freeway, or Mercer, or Aurora is caused by selfish S.O.V.'s and it used to happen nearly everyday before Covid. Where was your righteous indignation then? All those people blocking the public right of way.


27, Goddamn it! Why in the fuck can't people think like I do?


@28 it's telling how self-absorbed you are that when offered an easy solution to your problem, that will require a little effort on your part, yet provides incalculable benefits both personally and globally, you resort to deflection and cursing. Good luck with that. Enjoy your island and beer gut. That car bridge isn't going to be replaced anytime soon.


Recall Durkan and vote out anyone else who will not defund racist, violent Seattle police.


@ 5 German Sausage. I live a few steps from the Ballard Bridge (in a marina). I climbed up to look at the roadblock. If an ambulance had needed to pass, there was NO WAY it could have done so. Remember the Ballard Bridge? Two lanes each direction, nowhere to pull aside, very narrow? The protesters had made quite a gridlock out of it. And, it was not clear to anyone else that the roadblock would be short-lived. The stuck D-Line bus discharged its passengers (essential workers, I presume, since no one else is supposed to ride the bus anymore) who started to walk acroos, through the stopped traffic, quite visibly pissed and I don't blame them. How many hours had they just spent on their feet, working? Were they going to be late to their (essential) jobs? Only to have the same empty D Line pass them when the traffic cleared. I expect the bus driver probably waited for the passengers at the next stop.

What was the intention of this youth protest? As many commenters have observed, the effect was to inspire ire, not support. IF the protesters had raised a huge banner reading 8:46 of Stillness for Floyd or something similar, perhaps they might have even gotten participation from some of the blocked drivers. But as it was, this action seemed less about raising awareness or converting minds.


So, er, Nathalie... Just a minor thing here...

You realize that you're not a reporter if you're the one making the news, right?


Armed alt-right Covid19 deniers blocked staff and patiences from entering the hospital and that was all good to the trump supporters! Hypocrites!
Why are there always so many alt-right comments in The Stranger? Are they real readers or are they part of the GOP propaganda machine?