Wow, haven't seen "Cocoon" in ages. I think it's Ron Howard's first film direction. Excellent and recommended. I also liked "I'm No Angel". Great adult and daring humor for the time.



Yeah, that scene with Mae West at the fortune teller was great, "I see a man in your future!"

"What, only one?!?"

In 1933!!!


Actually, Cocoon is not available on Netflix DVD.


Against my better judgment I recently listened to the Dissecting the 80s podcast that covered Cocoon. (I tried the podcast before and disliked it.) They heavily bashed it, even claiming it was full of "senior citizen revisionism".

One of the hosts brought up the Heaven's Gate cult (and comet Hale–Bopp) and the other host said he thought Jonestown was the comet cult. Wtf?

Cocoon is not perfect, and is definitely full of unevenness, but it's still very much worth a view.


I thought Betty Boop was based on Helen Kane, with a bit of Clara Bow.

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