One of Seattles Colleges
"One of Seattle's Colleges" RS

Let's get real. The president has sidelined Dr. Fauci and currently seeks COVID-19 policy advice from TV personality and neuroradiologist Scott Atlas, who basically amounts to a witch doctor in matters concerning epidemiology. This means the Trump administration will do nothing substantive about the pandemic during the next five months. And if he is reelected, expect the US to conduct a massive and life-destructive experiment in herd immunity for the next four years. During that time, going to school (or leaving the house at all) will be a matter of life or death. And students who choose life will have to make do with a high school diploma.

But if Biden wins, then there is a good chance that the US will finally begin applying hard science to its COVID-19 response in late January. If that happens, we can expect nothing like ordinary classes to occur until the fall of 2021. That is how the future looks at this moment. One path leads to a pandemic that never ends and continuously disrupts all levels of education. The other path leads to a light at the end of the pandemic tunnel.

But even if Biden is elected, what are you supposed to do if you're a college student during the first half of the following year?

Must you simply return to online class at your expensive university? Or do nothing until the fall of 2021, when real-world classes resume?

You can't fly to other countries to spend that free time. You will likely be stuck at home with your parents for an impossible nine months. You have already been stuck with these parents for much of 2020. You can't just spend all of your time trying to make viral TikTok videos.

There is a simple and economical solution, especially if you have a bunch of lower-division classes you need to complete. Attend a cheap community college in your state next quarter or semester.

Here is an example. In-state tuition at Seattle Central College for 15 credits is estimated at $4,230. It's $11,745 for University of Washington. Also, if you only want to take 3 credits at Seattle Central College, it will set you back a whole $339.12. That is, as you can see, a huge saving.

The big expensive schools are great for sophisticated, high level courses; but the basic ones, the lower-division classes, such as beginner or intermediate level algebra, can be taught by any competent instructor or even a robot. There is no need to pay through the nose for those low-grade credits.

Also, community college classes will keep you busy, keep you from stewing in all of that pandemic boredom. You will feel like you're making some progress as you cut some of your student debt down. And if you need a little inspiration, just recall to yourself that famous Christian saying: "An idle mind is a devil's workshop."