Facebook will ban political ads, but only the week before the election. Um, ok...
Facebook will ban political ads, but only the week before the presidential election. Um, ok... Pool / Getty
There's a petition to allow Washington high schoolers to play fall sports: And it has more than 25,000 signatures already, reports KING 5. Though COVID-19 is a looming and very real danger, the students "also feel they should at least be given a chance to play."

Attorney General Bob Ferguson is going after the vape community: Yesterday he filed a lawsuit against JUUL, alleging the e-cigarette company violated the Consumer Protection Act by marketing to minors, reports KIRO 7. He said JUUL has "reversed decades of progress fighting nicotine addiction, and they must be held accountable." We are waiting for the Vape and Fedora Lobby's response (just kidding).

The US will not pay the more than $60 million in dues owed to the World Health Organization: Saying that it'll use that money instead to pay down other contributions to the United Nations, reports ABC News. I'm forwarding this story to my private student loan lender as we speak.

Everett City Council changes mind, accepts $6 million federal grant to hire more cops: Last week the Council declined to vote on accepting the grant, reports KING 5. The city faces a huge budget deficit of $18 million, and there was some concern that the grant would require them to spend more money on equipment. The ca$h will help Everett hire 16 more officers. One council member said the grant could even be an opportunity to reform the city's policing. Sure, Jan.

Ok, it was cute at first, but now the Hyatt Regency's little light show is annoying as hell: But what else did I expect from a hotel that looks like a sterile waste bin?

Facebook to put up a new political ad ban in week prior to the presidential election: The fine print is that any political ad submitted before October 27 will still be allowed. The social media behemoth also says it will "link any post from a candidate attempting to declare victory before the final results are in to vote counts from Reuters and the National Election Pool." Something tells me that Facebook will handle this poorly.

The Evans Canyon Fire is massive: It encompasses almost 35,000 acres and has destroyed five homes. 900 homes have been evacuated and, as of yesterday afternoon, the fire was still entirely uncontained, reports the Yakima Herald.

Remember David Blaine? The "illusionist" completed his latest stunt, called "Ascension" on Wednesday, which involved him floating above the Arizona desert while attached to 50 helium balloons. The stuff of five year old Jasmyne's dreams. The "performance" lasted about an hour and he reached an altitude of 24,900 feet. If you've got three hours to kill, the whole thing is on YouTube, but check out lift off here:

Interim SPD Chief Adrian Diaz is moving 100 more cops and supervisors over to patrol: In a move that he says will improve 911 response times, reduce overtime pay, and provide relief to overburdened patrol officers. This shift won't affect detectives and sergeants assigned to violent crime units. According to the Seattle Times, Diaz said he hopes that the move will help the cops get to know the people in their neighborhoods better.

Also about that wall...Diaz said he would "love to not have" the makeshift, shitty looking fortress around the East Precinct that makes the intersection completely inaccessible, but said it was necessary because of threats of fire. Rock beats fire in SPD's book.

Someone from Twenty One Pilots did a Bad Tweet: If that sentence didn't immediately make you want to throw your computer out the window, read more about it here.

There's a new Bond trailer: It comes out in November. Can't wait to watch this on my tiny computer screen the way it was meant to be seen!

The criminal justice system in this country is fucked up: A San Antonio man who was arrested late last month for "jogging while Black" said he was in police custody for longer than necessary (he shouldn't have been arrested in the first place) because his appointed attorney had been dead for several years.

A Black man who was having a mental health episode was killed by Rochester police: Officers handcuffed him, hooded him, and pressed his body into the ground until he stopped breathing. The man's name was Daniel Prude, and he was killed on March 23 in what a medical examiner has deemed a homicide. The incident was made public after Prude's family released the body camera footage yesterday. Prude's family is calling for the firing and arrest of the three officers involved, and they are now in the preliminary stages of a filing a wrongful death lawsuit.

President Trump wants to defund Seattle, Portland, New York and any other "anarchist" jurisdictions: He issued a memo yesterday that threatened to withdraw federal fund$ from any city that "disempowers or defunds police departments." Our fair city was named in the memo specifically.

There's going to be a LIST on the Justice Department's WEBSITE, everyone: Here's an excerpt from Axios on the unbelievable details of this memo:

The memo directs Attorney General Bill Barr, "in consultation with the Secretary of Homeland Security and the Director of OMB," to publish a list on the Justice Department's website within 14 days that identifies jurisdictions that "permitted violence and the destruction of property to persist and have refused to undertake reasonable measures to counteract these criminal activities (anarchist jurisdictions)."

Uhhhhhhhhhh, is that legal? Probably not.

Mayor Jenny Durkan responds: She calls this memo a distraction from the 6 million people who have been infected with COVID and our broken economy. "The only anarchy zone in America, where the rule of law is disregarded, is at the White House." OoOoOOOO sick burn, Jenny! Read her full statement a.k.a. Twitter thread here.

ICYMI: Crosscut's Hannah Weinberger went deep into the community of weather bloggers in the Pacific Northwest, highlighting four alternatives to the meteorologist whose name rhymes with Stiff Class. One of my favorites is Seattle Weather Blog a.k.a Justin Shaw who claims Seattle summer starts on July 12 and NOT July 5.

Speaking of weather, it's going to be hot today: Nothing hits like a Cherry-Coca Cola Slurpee on a scorching September day.

Union is moving four blocks down the street: And taking over the old Sizzle Pie space just outside the heart of Pike/Pine. The gay bar will remain open in its original location until September 20 with the new location set to open in early 2021, reports CHS Blog.

881,000 Americans filed new unemployment claims last week: It's a "pandemic-era low" says Yahoo Finance, but still a historical high. It's the second time claims have dipped below one million, but this week was also the first time the Department of Labor counted new and continuing claims under an updated counting system.

Something to groove to this morning: An oldie but a goodie.