Here's What's Going to Happen

The Stranger predicts the future.



Is "proponents" really the best word for QAnon-ers? I've seen "adherents" and "followers" used as well but those are no more satisfactory. It should be something superficially value-neutral but with just the hint of a lip curled in contempt.

I'm not clever enough to find the right word.


@1: Qanonderthals.


cult members
or lunatics


Hats off to 2!


Seattle already has a heavily armed racist violent pro-Trump militia, it’s called SPD... and seeing their increasingly violent actions against protesters it’s only a matter of time before they kill someone.


Of course we’re going to treat the deaths from heat the same way we’ve treated the deaths from
COVID. This country has shown over and over: it only cares about deaths when Islamic terrorists cause them or if it’s cancer and you can run a 5K. Sandy Hook? Shrug. Obesity? Shrug. COVID? Shrug. Heat deaths? Maybe if really attractive white women start dying. Otherwise...shrug. Too busy to care.


@1 - how about QAnts, with the A pronounced like it is in ‘anonymous.’


I can’t read these any more. Clucking about the pending end of the world is absolutely joyless.



Okay, so since you're obviously keeping score, what's the latest body count of: people killed by LEO's versus people killed by Right-Wingers versus people killed by Left-Wingers? I'm guessing the latter still has quite a lot of catching up to do, amiright?



@2 Unfiltered Opinion and @3 pat L for the WIN! Bravo and kudos!


You're so cute in believing there is going to be a future. Gotta love optimists.


@6 no, like the police did to George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, like they tried to do to James Blake, and have done to far too many others to name... and since you bring up the ONE antifa murder, lets not forget that there has been a massive increase in violence and murders from far-right extremists since Trump took office... most of which were terrorist attacks that took place against unarmed civilians (like Charleston, Christchurch, and the Portland train stabbing). Recent counts have those numbers as 300+ to one (antifa at one, right wing lunatics in the hundreds), but do go on about the dangers of antifa, you seem to have a “genuine” concern for human life... perhaps you should join the BLM movement.


@13 xina: I'd like to think there is still SOME optimism left in this benighted MAGA-fucked KKKorporate Police State. Let's flush the turd on November 3rd.


@fad -- thanks for putting J. Christ in His place -- in Joseph Goebbels' jackbootsteps. Far right Terrorism's what the fuck's Terrorizing* this country. Planet.

*you'd never know it if you
watched facts-FREE FOX.


@14 fad and @16 kristofarian: I nominate you to join @2 Unfiltered Opinion and @3 pat L in a four-way tied WIN! Bravo and kudos! :)

@6 & @18: You really should change your screen name to Jim Crow. Jesus Christ wouldn't have murdered anyone violently in cold blood.