Girl 6 Is Unstreamable



You've mentioned in several Unstreamable posts about music and/or soundtracks being the cause of movies not being able to be streamed. If you ever explained why, I missed it. Can someone explain what the deal with music is? Why would that be a barrier to streaming online, but okay in theaters, DVD, (or VHF if we go old school), cable, or broadcast TV?



I know in one of the earlier posts in which Chase mentioned it, I'd gotten the impression that it drives up the licensing fees substantially, perhaps even prohibitively. I'd imagine those fees are baked into the costs of some of those medium's purchasing agreements, and may present less of a barrier to others (major broadcast networks can probably absorb them pretty easily, for example.)

Not sure how accurate that is of course, nor would I know any of the specifics on any of it. Guessing someone with some industry experience might be willing to weigh in.


@1: Music rights and royalties for a fixed physical medium like a DVD are covered under separate laws and agreements than streaming rights. Since the time of Napster many artists, Prince being prominent among these, refused to license streaming rights for their catalog. Prince publicly stated at the time that he didn't understand how creators were going to make money by giving away their music for free.

Even to this day, the amount an artist gets paid per stream is miniscule compared to the royalty they would make per unit sale in a physical media. So for a movie like this one, buying the streaming rights from the Prince estate would almost certainly cost more than the movie could reasonably expect to recoup.


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