SLAY Film Festival

We're living through horrifying times... correct? Then what better time for SLAY—the horror film festival featuring short, deliciously TERRIFYING flicks? SLAY comes to you from the makers of HUMP! and SPLIFF, who asked artists, filmmakers, and generally bored people to make short, eight-minute-or-less horror flicks—and wow! Did you deliver! We received hundreds of submissions from all over the Northwest and the world, and have picked the best 32 of these entries for the debut of the SLAY film festival, premiering October 15-31, 2020.

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In fact, we got so many great submissions we were able to break SLAY into two volumes—so you can watch just one, or if you really want to be scared witless, WATCH BOTH for a discount. Get your tickets now and here!

Need more fun? No problem. After watching SLAY you'll be able to vote on the best flicks in four categories: "Goriest," "Funniest," "Scariest," and "Best in Show." Plus all finalists will share the revenue from SLAY, which means you'll be helping support these talented artists and filmmakers!

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So what can you expect from the debut of SLAY? All kinds of TERROR... from creepy, to hilarious, to sexy, to poop-your-pants horrifying! CHECK OUT THE TRAILER HERE! And don't miss the absolutely scare-tastic premiere of the funnest film festival of the season, SLAY! Get those tickets now!

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