French Kiss Is Unstreamable



No, no - do pay attention to the first 2/3rds of French Kiss. It’s Meg Ryan given hefty license to be a lovable screwball. And Kline is always a solid performer, especially as some kind of rogue.


I'd do Meg Ryan in that haircut.
I'd do Me in in that Haircut.


Theese peeple maek my ass tweetch.


You may also be able to find Dellamorte Dellamore under it's Americanized name, Cemetary Man.

I first saw it as a teenager in the 90's on late night Showtime (probably looking for pre-internet boobies on screen), and got sucked into this crazy good film. I hate horror films, and it's one of the few that I've actually purchased over the years.


Generally I don't call "Spoiler!" on works that are more than a few months old, but "Unstreamable" feels like it's intended to get people to watch new things and thus I think should avoid spoilers.

My point being that I've been planning to watch "Silent Movie", and describing the one non-silent moment feels like rather a spoiler to me.

Anyhoo, another deep cut from Mel Brooks that's worth seeing is "The Twelve Chairs". It also appears to be unstreamable, at first glance.


@5 Good point! Sorry about that.


@5 -- I saw Silent Movie in a theater when it came out. I remember that line, and while it was very clever, it wasn't that funny. So as spoiler's go, it isn't that big of a deal. I think the movie is probably worth watching, but it is nowhere near as good as Young Frankenstein, and certainly not Blazing Saddles. (But that would be saying an awful lot -- Chase's grandma has excellent taste in movies).


@4 Came here to say this. The rights for both versions of that film have been in legal pergatory forever. CEMETARY MAN actually played in US theaters, believe it or not!

God, I can just hear Brooks pitching the one spoken line, endlessly, to anyone who might invest: "And then...get this..."
Thanks for taking one for the team on SILENT MOVIE and do not try HIGH ANXIETY even if it seems tempting!