A woman would like a gigolo please. Or two. She knows she could score a man for free, but likes the idea of paying for it. Is this possible? How?

Judge Doug North, a Proponent of Diverting Non-Violent First-Time Offenders into Treatment Programs, is Endorsed by The Stranger
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Whoopsy daisy! A woman was texting her friend about the crippling crush she has on a co-worker when she realized she was texting the co-worker herself. The gal reacted gracefully, but now what?

On the Magnum, Dan interviews Dr. Raphael Landovitz, about the promise of a new injectable version of PrEP.

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And, a 17-year-old girl had penetrative sex for the first time. She's psyched! But she was very, very wet, and he was... not all that hard. Don't worry, teens! It gets better.

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