Detail from Iñaki Bonillass Marginalia 7.
Detail from Iñaki Bonillas's "Marginalia 7." Courtesy of the Artist and MoMA
As we seem to be stuck in a sort of pandemic/quarantine stasis here in the ol' US of A, there's still lots of world-class art and exhibitions you can access online without having to leave home. One program is Museum of Modern Art's Companion Pieces: New Photography 2020, an annual exhibition translated online to their Magazine blog to fit the socially distant times. From September 28 to November 16, they'll drop a new artist's work each week, including interviews with curator Lucy Gallun and close-ups of the work. It's not like being in the museum itself but it will have to do.

This week features Mexico City-based artist Iñaki Bonillas and his Marginalia series. To create his pieces in this series, Bonillas scoured books in his bookshelf for images, photocopied them, and used the white borders around the images to thread them together like a roadmap. For him, the process of creating these collages replicated the conversations he imagined two books squished together in a bookshelf might have. Like the books they come from, the images bridge across time and language to talk to one another.

In "Marginalia 7" specifically (pictured above), Bonillas was interested in the relationship between photography and sculpture, culling images from museum and exhibition catalogs to create the piece. Collaged together in a circle, "Marginalia 7" can be read left to right as a sort of timeline spanning twenty centuries that connects ancient Greek sculpture to modern sculpture. Images once used to support the text are now the center of focus. All threaded together by the white margin lines.

Check out more of Bonillas's work here. If you want to hear him talk about his work in detail, click below:

"Marginalia 7" by Iñaki Bonillas from further back. Courtesy of the Artist and MoMA