If you cant pay rent, you wont get the boot until next year, but your debt still piles up.
If you can't pay rent, you won't get the boot until next year, but your debt still piles up. LESTER BLACK

During a press conference on Thursday, Governor Jay Inslee said he plans to extend Washington's eviction moratorium through the end of the year. The current proclamation is set to expire on Oct. 15.

"We don't need more housing insecurity in a moment of uncertainty during this pandemic," Inslee said.

The current moratorium prohibits all residential evictions for failure to pay rent, prohibits landlords from charging late fees on missed rent, and freezes residential and some commercial rent hikes. The moratorium also asks landlords to offer "reasonable" repayment plans if tenants are unable to pay rent, though that rent debt still accrues.

The governor will sign an updated proclamation soon, which will include some changes to the moratorium's language. When he announced the extension of the last moratorium back in July, Inslee said he'll "look at the potential for rent increases" in this new version.

Erin Fenner of Washington Community Action Network said changes, including changes to new rules allowing for rent increases in certain situations, will "likely look finicky."

Nationally, the Centers for Disease Control imposed its own eviction moratorium, but it's burdensome for renters.