Slog PM: COVID Outbreak at Harborview, Biden and Harris Test Negative for 'Rona, Get Ready for La Niña



The constitution says you count people, plain and simple. Not citizens, not legal residents. People. Period. Since Aunt Lydia is such an originalist she should have no problem voting against the Trump admin on this.


This weekend everyone should insert one of these and go visit Biden's Animal Crossing island.


"The Supreme Court agrees to hear case on Trump's attempt to exclude undocumented immigrants from the census."

Why is the Court even hearing this? "A three-judge panel of the Federal District Court in Manhattan ruled that the new policy violated federal law. In an unsigned opinion, the panel said the question was 'not particularly close or complicated.'”


"Michigan bans open-carried firearms at polling places: . . . Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson said this move was to prevent fear, intimidation, or disruption while people vote."

Michigan* lays down TheTemplate
Second that Emotion, Governor Jay!
And, why not, let's take it and Make it fawking National.

Last thing we really need
is a Shootout at the Polls to let trumpfy figure he
can maybe make a Fast Move along with his Disciples
and Steal (yet) another one from the damn Dems. Disarm
Governator. Gracis!

*Well-Played Chase!


'Why is the [USS] Court even hearing this?'

Roberts knows the Court's about to get Blasted for Republican overreach and is on a fool's errand to try and salvage the last remaining Shred of decency. He's -- WE'RE -- gonna LOSE on this one. He'll prolly lose his C;ourt to the far right 'christian' Radical Extremist Activists.

Biden may be Forced to expand it.
or put the FDR Scare to 'em.
who knows...


"Colorado yogurt shop goes rogue: A Durango, Colorado yogurt shop is allegedly offering 10% discounts to customers who aren't wearing masks."

do they offer to
spit on your cone
for fifty more cents?


"a new rule to allow railroads to move highly flammable liquefied natural gas on freight trains, easing limits on how many hours some truckers can spend behind the wheel"

so if you hear screams and train wrecks and explosions and tanker trucks full of ammonium nitrate going off in the night and if it looks like the Great Escape horror scene from the Fugitive, relax -- it's just trumpftopia 2020

and Welcome to it.

thanks Republicans and we'll
try not to let you EVER Forget.


@6, 7 kristo, spot on!


Grand juries indict people. They don't stick around for their trials - those are heard by plain old juries.


Because on the list of things I'm willing to risk my life for, 'frozen yogurt' is...there


Homeless Jesus statue looks more like Jesus trying to escape the linens he was wrapped in after being resurrected.


@8 -- thanks! but 4's my Fave:
Disarm the Terrorists at the Polls!

and just say Hell NO! to White Supremacy.

WMDs, voter intimidation, and voter suppression
do NOT belong where Citizens are practicing
their Most democratic of all Rights:
to fucking VOTE.

@Chase -- re: @4/kudos to you:
did you edit out the credit?
or did I misread that...


"The U.S. federal deficit...."

Expect to hear about this every single day as soon as Pres Biden is sworn in.

"... Kids won't see the inside of a classroom until the end of next year.."

Luckily our resident trolls already informed us that the pandemic is a liberal hoax, and it will magically disappear once Biden is elected. Can't wait!


Also, prepare for conservatives and Trumpers to go from owning the libs to crying about how victimized and bullied they are by mean old Democrats. They'll be all about having discussions and hearing all sides.

Never forget we heard their side and watched them destroy our country for the last 4 years. Let's not fall for it this time.


@13, 14 Lastlight, Exactly. I have little faith, but I pray we take heed.


@15: Feel free to pray for more faith.


@9 - Was going to say the same thing in almost the same words, the "plain old juries" words in particular. I also considered hum-drum juries.

Anyhoo, yeah, Grand Juries determine if one will stand trial, they're not where trial is stood.



@18/@9: As soon as staffers start correcting their content from errors pointed out by commenters, I'll make a donation.


what do you think, Morty -- follow MI's example and ban open-carry at or 'close to' (who gets to define that?) the Polling places?

I much prefer that to casually dropping to “Keep an Eye on things,” overly well-armed (a one man Militia!) with my lever-action big-bore, but . . . hey, as a fellow Rugged Individualist, I (think I)'m willing to do My part. would you recommend acid, pot, meth or alcohol, or some combination of all four, for self-fortification? oh and what about Body Armor? (pots and pans?)(cast iron?) hate like heck to go in there stark raving Naked, as it were -- kinda New at all this as you can prolly tell...

Thanks, Morty!
Appreciate your Perspective
and Integrity.


@20. Or, you know, maybe after your next 14,000+ posts.


@21 - Well, open-carry should be banned, period.

But if Trump thugs are going to show up armed at polling places, we should have groups of armed "poll-watchers watchers" on discreet standby at central locations who can quickly respond to any polling site where Trump's thugs turn up.

They may have more guns than we do overall, but there are more of us than there are them...and some of us also have teeth.

And go sober!


ah, you'l be bringing your wolverine? excellent. they won't be quite 'so proud' when they've soiled their trousers. plus We do out-number them .... I bet there's even more than a few on the right who favor Un-fettered-by-wmds and Intimidations-type Elections.

gotta wonder if the Socialist Rifle Association is gonna show up ... seems they'd be Against the Fascists and all over that shit.

sober? are you certain?
hadn't Considered that....
okay maybe steroids Red Bull
and half a dozen shots of eXpresso
just to keep me on my toes

do you think we'll be needing body armor?
I'd hate to take suit to a gunfight...
will see if I can borrow my neighbor's
pet Cougar. I hear he's not fond of short-haired men...



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