Slog PM: A Budget Season Check-in, Iran Sent the Proud Boy "Spoof" Emails, Quibi Lasted About 18 Scaramuccis



Serena Joy Barrett and Commander KKKavanaugh just want to hold us down while America's greed and hate-crazed billionaire oligarchs rape the entire nation. What's the problem.


Wow. Borat's playing a Republican-patented dirty trick* -- on a Republican! Whoa -- way to turn the tables Sasha Baron. sad, how far the Mayor of Nine-Eleven's dropped in his quest for what, relevence? oh, Income. lotta exes'll do that to you I hear... impeccable timing, however, Rudy ... you're like a Bad Superman -- when you show up, shit happens. to trumpf. So. Carry the fuck On, dude!

so: is it REAL?
& is it really Rudy?

and as much as I appreciated Borat
the nyt review was no thumbs up so
maybe don't expect alot from this one...

*not to worry -- plenty More where that one came from....


Those emails are fucking sick. If ANYONE for one second believed they were real, they need to be evaluated for mental illness. Seriously, this is what it has come to? We have a deranged demented criminal squatting in the WH whose GOP minions are destroying the USPS, gutting the country financially, refusing to help the people in this country, enabling catastrophic loss of life and financial destruction from which it may take a decade from which to recover (if we recover at all), white supremacist terrorists and foreign countries threatening people in this country if they don't vote for Trump.

We truly are a fucking joke. The world is laughing at us (or staring in abject horror) while the country destroys itself from the inside out for no reason other than too many people who live in this shit hole are super pissed a Black man became president and the hugest pile of shit conned enough people to slither into the WH and rob the country blind while destroying it beyond all comprehension.

At this point, given the fact that Trump's sole objective is to stay out of prison and keep the taxpayer funds flowing into his pockets and the GOP is hell bent on making sure that happens by any means necessary, what exactly is the end game? I realize I have asked this before, but it is a question I really would like to know the answer to - because other than total death and destruction of the entire country, what is it that the GOP believes they are going to get out of what they are doing? Sicken and/or kill everyone in the country, have no businesses, no schools, no functioning government on any level and you believe, what? That you will somehow remain powerful and rich? That you will get in a spaceship and fly off to another planet and start over? That the rapture will happen? IT MAKES ABSOLUTELY NO SENSE. THEY HAVE NOTHING. THE ONLY PLAN IS TO DESTROY EVERYTHING AND EVERYONE SO THEY CAN HAVE WHATEVER IS LEFT?

This is the most deranged and delusional behavior I have ever personally witnessed. It makes absolutely no sense and it just keeps getting worse and worse by the day.

It's really too bad the asteroid believed to be smashing into earth on November 2, 2020 is not a hell of a lot bigger. At least if an asteroid took out humanity it would be a quick and painless end instead of this sick, slow, shit brained slaughter.


Ha - "Proactively"


@xina -- it's totally fucked up to be sure and an asteroid might be just what it takes to bring us back together or drive us back to the Stone Age. I like rocks.

also -- Kudos to Councilmembers with an eye on the Homeless.


Well, foreign interference is a great pretext for contesting the election results if they don't favor Trump. It's quite strange that something we know has been happening since at least 2016 is all of a sudden a problem a couple weeks before the election.


This is elder abuse. Poor Rudy. No 24-year-old model can get away with playing a 15-year-old, especially that floozie. Getting him intoxicated for a cheap sting for a B-movie fodder for the prurient obsessions of faux pearl-clutching latte libs.

Sick, sick, sick.


@ 3,

It’s a national murder-suicide.

If the Republinazis can’t have total control over the nation’s wealth and people, then they’re gonna kill us all and then themselves through wars, plagues, collapsed healthcare systems, mass poverty, and climate change.

The party of forced births has zero value for human life.


poor Rudi.
poor, poor Rudi.
pour another one Rudi.

"Mr. Giuliani’s campaign to undermine Mr. Biden has focused on his anticorruption efforts in Ukraine while he was vice president and his son Hunter Biden’s work there on the board of a gas company owned by an oligarch widely seen as corrupt.

Mr. Derkach has been releasing tapes of the former vice president’s conversations with Ukrainian officials. American officials said those tapes had been edited in misleading ways."

that which goes 'round sometimes
comes 'round Rude Dee. sik sik sik


"The party of forced births [don't forget the Executions] has zero value for human life." --@xina -- and yet they're "pro-life." they got the cognitve dissonances real Bad.

“There is a meeting of interests between what Giuliani wants to do and the notorious corrupt oligarchs in Ukraine,” Mr. Hochstein [Amos Hochstein, a former aide to Mr. Biden] said.

“The Ukrainian oligarchs are afraid the Joe Biden presidency returns the anti-corruption focus and the focus on good governance. They don’t want that.

They know there is a market with Rudy Giuliani for information, real or fake, that is damaging to the vice president.”

Oh, Rudi.
Tooty Fruity.


Raindrop, Guiliani doesn’t need any help drinking too much. It’s been well documented that he’s perfectly capable of becoming a roaring drunk on his own. He’s at least an abuser if not an alcoholic at this point. That certainly explains a fair amount of his behavior.


@11: Of course no help was needed in a conducive setting. I'll have to see the film, but they got the results the expected, and more obviously.

Rudi is a alcoholic. So the manipulation of his disease for entertainment value is of dubious merit, especially with that spectacle.

It's not like Giuliani was caught in that behavior of all his own doing to end up in that compromising position, like picking up a hooker - for example.


Have some Horror fun for free. Never Hike Alone and the recent Never Hike in the Snow on YouTube. Free!


@12 -- "Rudi is a [sik] alcoholic. So the manipulation of his disease for entertainment value is of dubious merit, especially with that spectacle."

this failed attorney's attacks on the Democratic Contender -- and his attacks on Democracy and the Rule of Law, at large -- have, apparenty, made him a target for a Schmear Campaign on a par with Repub operatives. velcomme to The Club, Rudi. ever been Swiftboated?

What can we Get you?

a little Schandfruede
for the Gander, eh?


@12- Rudy at this point is basically an entertainer himself. No one takes a single thing he says seriously. So there is no element of pathos in the whole tawdry spectacle, it is all theater of the absurd at this point.



Don't know if I'm interpreting that comment correctly or not, but I would fully expect that a team of elite Hollywood makeup artists could put together a disguise to convincingly cut 10 years off the physical appearance of a young actress with very little trouble.


Biden adds a new twist to the meaning of "Force for Change" Maybe "Force for millions in change"?


US election: Rudy Giuliani's daughter endorses Joe Biden

‘I’ve come to realize that none of us can afford to be silent right now,’ former New York mayor’s daughter writes in Vanity Fair

Silence = Complicity
complicity = Complicity, too.
thanks, Repubs.


Poor Rudy? Might as well say poor Derek Chauvin.


Of course it's Iran. Saudi Arabia would never wholesale create fake bot accounts purportedly in Iran and then hack Iranian servers to attack US elections.


Just like they would never hack apart their citizens in embassies in Turkey.


Trust me, it's really Iran. How could it be the Saudis, even if doing that would allow them to authorize the US and Israel to do attacks on Iran?



Glad to hear our election portal is allegedly safe, but was calling attention to vulnerabilities in voting portals really misinformation? Other articles are saying "A Homeland Security official also told the state and local election administrators on a call Wednesday that holes had been detected in their election websites." I wonder if people here would just brush it off so easy if they knew that the company, BPro, who made many of the insecure portals in question (including Washington's) was owned by two registered Republicans?


Best the Tick episode imo, particularly the Kubrick love


Raindrop, you are sounding increasingly unhinged. You may want to take a step back and have a knap.


Cap Hill is the new Ravenholm. Don't worry Cap Hill business owners and residents, tiny houses will solve all your woes...not! Callback to the first Borat with a "not" jokeeeeeeee!


Hey #2

Rudy. The NY Times little darling for decades, couldn't keep his hands out of his pants... and their review gave no thumbs up

Color me surprised.


Rudy giuliani is easily the least sympathetic character in american politics who isn't named trump & this may not even be the most embarrassing thing he's ever done, if only because there are too many embarassing rudy moments to keep track of. He's a terrible person down to his core (remember when his 2nd wife found out they were getting a divorce via a press conference?) and if he were capable of feeling shame he would deserve it, no matter how drunk he was at the time.


^^ Aw. There he is again! KOOTCHIE-KOO, baby sock puppet. You little rascal. Fresh outta your daddies butthole! And just as inarticulate, too.