Tuesday was a long, cold night for Nebraska Trump supporters. Especially the ones who needed medical attention.
Tuesday was a long, cold night for Nebraska Trump supporters. Especially the ones who needed medical attention. Steve Pope/Getty Images

A new plan for safe consumption sites: Seattle is in safe consumption limbo. Back in 2017, the city and King County worked together to pass legislation to establish a place where people could safely inject drugs in order to reduce overdoses and to help drug users. The same old song played out. In other words, suburbs started fuming and causing a whole hubbub. Now, the Seattle City Council is discussing using the $1.4 million already allocated to the old plan to fund safe consumption sites within existing nonprofit locations.

A fishy voter information website: Secretary of State Kim Wyman is telling people to be wary of using "VoteWashington.info" to track their ballots. Wyman doesn't know who created the site or where it came from, but she says she's seen misinformation on there. Specifically, the site claims a certain number of ballots have been "rejected." Wyman said that's impossible since only the county canvassing boards can reject ballots and those haven't started meeting. The only official way to check your ballot is on VoteWA.org.

New Hampshire woman impersonates prosecutor to drop charges against her: Last year, Lisa Landon allegedly posed as a prosecutor and filed documents for three court cases against her. The documents she filed stated her charges for drug possession and stalking were dropped. The plan almost worked except the court became suspicious when a forensics lab asked whether a scheduled evaluation on Landon should go forward. Landon is now facing charges of false personation and six charges of falsifying physical evidence.

More Boeing job cuts: The aerospace giant is hemorrhaging money. The only way to stop the bleeding is to cut its workforce. At the beginning of the year, Boeing announced cuts of 19,000 employees. The company announced it actually needs to cut 30,000 positions by the end of the year. The news comes along with reports of a $449 million third-quarter loss.

Cloudy and dry: A perfectly pleasant gray fall morning lies ahead of us.

Biden will make everyone mask up: Yep, sorry, COVID truthers, your worst fears are true. If Joe Biden wins the presidency next week (or, a little bit after since mail-in ballots, you know) he'll try to—gasp—stop the pandemic. He's a yes on a national mask mandate and will work to push a relief bill through in January.

No one said it would be easy: Biden's hypothetical national public health guidelines are bound to face some opposition. I mean, two sisters in Chicago stabbed a shoe store security guard 27 times after he asked them to wear a mask.

Nebraska Trumpers stranded after rally: An Omaha Trump rally at an airfield drew huge crowds. After the event, people were stuck in traffic for hours, or with no way to get to their cars in a distant parking lot. Shuttle buses stopped running. The temperature dropped below freezing and several people needed medical attention. The rally wasn't cleared until around four hours after it ended.

Sure, I'll bite: The New York Times created a quiz to see if people can tell Biden or Trump voters from what their fridge looks like. Sorry, no way to avoid the paywall on this one.

More mutant wave content, please: Wait, what the fuck? People surf in Ireland?

Chicago shuts down indoor dining: COVID-19 cases doubled in the area in the last month. Last Friday alone saw 5,900 new cases reported.

A planeful of rescue animals is coming from Hawaii to Seattle: Nobody panic but a plane of 600 cats and dogs is coming to Seattle. This is the largest pet flight in history. Hawaii needed help. Too many animals in its shelters. No problem. A plane will pick up the surplus animals from all across Hawaii and fly them to Seattle. Around 480 pets will disembark at Sea-Tac. The remainder are headed to Walla Wall and Coeur d’Alene.

California is burning again: The Silverado Fire and Blue Ridge Fire are burning up swaths of land near Orange County in Southern California. Together, the fires burned over 30,000 acres in under two days. Approximately 70,000 residents are under evacuation orders.

But at least the Dodgers won? Southern California may be burning but the Los Angeles sports teams are killing it this year. For the first time in 32 years, the Dodgers won the World Series. To top off the pandemic World Series, one Dodger player, Justin Turner, was pulled mid-game because his COVID-19 test came back positive. Weirdly, the powers that be allowed him to come back out to celebrate the win. Police declared unlawful assemblies in LA and Echo Park as revelers took to the streets.

A car drove through a vigil last night in downtown Seattle: Protesters gathered near the Seattle Police Department West Precinct to hold a vigil for Walter Wallace Jr., the Black man killed by Philadelphia police officers, when a car allegedly struck a protester. According to SPD, no one was injured but the vehicle "was damaged."

Oreo built a doomsday vault: The Global Oreo Vault is now neighbors with the Svaldbard Global Seed Vault in Norway. You know, the vault that's meant to protect plant life in the event all plants are annihilated? Oreo had the same idea except instead of seeds it's protecting the Oreo recipe and samples of its cookies.

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Foreshadowing? "Joe Biden Wins Nickelodeon’s Kids’ Vote Despite Bot Cheating Attempts"

A Capitol Hill fire last night: The Seattle Fire Department said no one was injured in the fire. They're still working to determine the cause of the blaze.

A crossword for you Wednesday: Have at it.