Jess Stein
"Don't Use Amazon Ring"
I cant quite make out the label on this one.
I can't quite make out the label on this one. JK
Amazon Rings creep me out. My impulse is to always flip off those cameras too.

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"Booty Trap"
Spotted on the Hill.
Spotted on the Hill. JK
Me thinking about Megan Thee Stallion 🥵

"Doggy Sez Fuck Cops"
I love hand drawn stickers.
I love hand drawn stickers. JK
I'm not a dog person but I would adopt this dog.

"Jazz Mom"
Legend. JK
I love Jazz Mom. In the future, I may be Jazz Mom.

"Take a Bite Out of Heck"
Im pretty sure I saw this one on Broadway.
I'm pretty sure I saw this one on Broadway. JK
After some sleuthing, I figured out this was McGruff the Crime Dog, a symbol for a public campaign against crime that debuted in the 1980s and apparently continues to now. Whatever. My first thought seeing this was of Denny Heck, the moderate Dem who's running for Lieutenant Governor and whom we did NOT endorse in November 3 election. Speaking of endorsements, have you read ours yet?

Its spooky season, bitch.
It's spooky season, bitch. JK
I will miss Halloween this year and being packed in a club, watching a drag queen do a trippy and weird number.

"Wear A Mask"
You people love these stickers.
You people love these stickers. JK
If you're not wearing a mask every time you leave your house, I don't know what to tell you.

"Trans 4 Trance"
Spotted along 14th Ave.
Spotted along 14th Ave. JK
This sticker was on a pole, which is normally hard to capture. But I used the panorama mode and got this weird picture because this sticker needed to be preserved.

"If Nothing Changes for Them "
Love the colors on this one.
Love the colors on this one. JK
Just remembered Jeffrey P. Bezos's net worth is over $200 billion and wanted to gouge my eyes out. I think we should report the obscene wealth of these men as if it's a tragedy, because it is. Billionaires should not exist—even ~*~*~**~*benevolent~*~**~*~* ones like Bill Gates. Pay your taxes and compensate your workers, fools.

"We're So Fucked"
Why is everyone so obsessed with Trumps peen?
Why is everyone obsessed with Trump's peen? JK
This one comes to us from Jon Youngn. I feel like so much Trump art misses the mark because he's such a ridiculous, vile, black hole of a human being that all criticism or attempts at shame completely deflect off of him and bounce back into space. It's infuriating. Also, this demon looks like the baby of Pain and Panic.

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