Apparently if I am ever going to be able to leave my home again without contracting COVID-19 and dying, I am going to need one of those. It's either that or be in my home for the rest of my life and die from my neuromuscular disease. I was really hoping to see my 50th birthday (2022) and be able to celebrate with my friends.


Great article. Thanks.


Great read. Thanks NG & TS!


idk but these suits are dope and I'm getting one. thanks for the link!


@1: You're such a drama queen. No you won't need one of these suits just to leave your home to avoid catching covid.


Honeybees are an introduced species. If it's ecosystems you're concerned about, native bees are the important pollinators, not honeybees. Honeybees are vital to pollination in agriculture, not in wildlands.

Murder hornets can fuck up a native bee colony, of course, but most native bees are solitary; i.e. they don't build hives. Which in turn is why the European honeybee is preferred in agriculture-- they're just much more convenient. You can pick up the hives, put 'em on a truck, and park 'em where you need 'em.


@5 She might, though.

No matter how many times it's explained, we seem to have a very, very hard time internalizing the fact that the measures we're taking against the virus are neither designed for nor capable of preventing our own selves from CATCHING the virus, they're designed to prevent us from TRANSMITTING the virus to others if we do get infected.

Social distancing, crowd limits, and even masks protect POPULATIONS, they do not protect specific vulnerable INDIVIDUALS. If you have a particular person who is, say, immunocompromised due to ongoing drug treatment for a serious medical condition, then having that person follow all the preventive recommendations for the general public does not protect that person from contracting COVID-19. Individual protection calls for different strategies, which is why particularly vulnerable people are taking precautions beyond the recommendations for the general public.


@7: Of course, there's always a remote possibly hook in medical science to hang your hat.


@8 Individuals with compromised immune systems or other serious medical conditions might be mere "remote possibly hook" entities to you, raindrop, but for me at least, and possibly for a few others, they're real people, fully human beings.


@9: I can't even believe you wrote that with a straight face.


@10 ...and yet here you are, openly sneering at a possibly immunocompromised person's fear of infection. Why is it so hard to imagine anyone else writing anything at all with a straight face?


@12: carry on, this is fascinating


@12 You're the show, raindrop, not the audience.


Speaking of shows, let's cut the theatrics and get real - robotslave.

I'm not discounting anyone's medical condition. An N-95 mask, goggles, and maybe a face shield should be sufficient for a very healthy excursion to go outside and get some nature.

Your next volley in this game should a whooper.


@14 a whooper.


@15: weak sauce


"I've been in the revenge business so long, I don't know what to do with myself." "Have you considered beekeeping? You'd make a great Jerry The Bee Guy." So yeah, I tuned into the original cast (except Peter Falk and Andre the Giant, may they RIP) doing a script read-through to benefit the Wisconsin Dems.


What I forgot to add @17 is: great article, Nathalie! I LOLed several times.


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