Jill Stein
"No Justice, No Peace"
Spotted on Capitol Hill.
I love this sticker. JK
This message seems urgent right now.

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"I've Never Felt So Alone"
This was posted right outside a busy bar.
This was posted right outside a busy bar. JK
This message also seems urgent right now.

"Rights for Gays"
I think we all deserve a John Maus break for the good of our health.

"You Big Dummy"
Spotted on the Hill.
Spotted on the Hill. JK
Another sticker brought to us by Christos Andrews of Ghost Note Coffee because I know how much y'all like mask stickers.

"Pink Popsicle"
Come take a bite out of me!
Come take a bite out of me! JK
This is so cute.

"White Popsicle"
The above stickers fraternal twin.
The above sticker's fraternal twin. JK
Me inside.

"Burrito Unicorn Instruction Manual"
I want one.
I want one. JK
I love seeing starheadboy's stickers around town; they make me feel at home. Also, do you think you're supposed to eat a burrito unicorn or pet it?

"This Is Still a Queer & Trans Neighborhood"
Spotted on Capitol Hill.
Spotted on Capitol Hill. JK
I've seen these stickers posted around the neighborhood for a while. The "(despite amazon's best efforts)" that gets me every time.

"Fuck SPD"
Everyone remember May?
Everyone remember May? JK
This wouldn't be Sticker Patrol without at least one Fuck the Police sticker.

"You Are Loved"
You gotta twist your neck to look at this baby.
You gotta twist your neck to look at this baby. JK
Cheesy but appreciated.

As always, if any of these stickers belong to you, please e-mail me at

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