This post was originally published at midnight last night, but we're re-upping it on Slog due to a number of updates.

A 30-year-old trans-masculine man remains in critical condition at Harborview Medical Center after Seattle police arrested him on Wednesday night outside the East Precinct.

Video of the arrest shows a protester in black falling to the ground as an officer grabs his backpack. Over a loudspeaker a cop can be heard saying, "Move back away, we're making a legal arrest here. There's been property damage, and as a result we're taking enforcement action." A few seconds later, two officers appear to join the first officer, and then shortly thereafter a third, ultimately leading to four cops piling on the person.

Another livestream from lcsevi shows cops attending to the protester for at least four minutes in the middle of 12th Ave before a fire truck obscures the view.

Police said the protester experienced "a medical episode during an arrest" for alleged property damage. "It remains unclear whether the medical issue was related to the arrest, but SPD’s Force Investigation Team is reviewing the incident," the cops added.

Seattle Fire Department spokesperson David Cuerpo said SPD requested their crews, who then used an SFD "aid car" to transport the protester "who was in stable condition" to the hospital "for further medical evaluation."

Harborview spokesperson Susan Gregg said the patient was in "critical condition." Update 11/5 6:00 a.m.: Gregg now says the man is listed in "serious" condition in intensive care.

Someone who knows the protester said he's unconscious and on a ventilator. According to this person, the protester's family says he does not have a chronic medical condition that would explain what happened, and that "this kind of thing hasn't happened before."

Update 11/5 5:30 p.m.: On Thursday afternoon cops released security footage and body cam footage of the arrest. In their own blog update, they claim "the subject did not sustain any physical injuries during the arrest," though the footage blurs the protesters face, making it difficult to see any visible wounds.

The security camera footage shows a group of bike cops moving into the crowd. Though a pole obscures the initial contact, an officer appears to tackle the protester from behind and then ride him down to the ground. The protester appears first to hit his padded knees on the pavement and then his head as the cop falls on him while another cop appears to press on the first cop's back. The protester then rolls onto his back. As the two officers attempt an arrest, a third moves in to hold down the protester's legs.

Karen Koehler, an attorney with a law firm representing the protester, who they call K, said eyewitnesses reported an officer “slammed K. to the ground," saw "his head hit the pavement hard," and heard "the crack on impact.”

Cops also claim their force investigation team "learned the subject’s medical episode was potentially related to a substance the subject had ingested prior to police contact."

A lawyer from the firm said they "heard nothing suggesting that from any actual doctors, nor have any medical records been released to [SPD's Force Investigation Team]." The lawyer added no witnesses have told her about K "ingesting" anything before the arrest, and that he remains "unconscious and intubated."

Gregg said the protester's condition "is serious and improving."